posted 26 Nov 2012

New flycatcher takes on name of NUS professor

A newly discovered bird, first observed some 17 years ago on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, has been named after an NUS academic. Christened Muscicapa sodhii (M. sodhii) in
honour of the late NUS conservation biologist Professor Navjot Sodhi, the flycatcher’s
Latin name pays tribute to the significant contributions of the avid ornithologist.

NUS Newsletter, Mar 2015

posted 26 Nov 2012

The passing of Dr Ong Bee Lian (1957 -2015)

It is with great sadness that I share the news that Dr Ong Bee Lian passed away last night (23 March 2015) after a long illness. She was a long standing member of the department from the time she was a student (B.Sc. Honours) University of Singapore. After receiving her PhD in Germany, she joined the faculty (Botany) in 1986. Many count Bee Lian as a close friend and colleague. She was a passionate teacher and mentor of our undergraduates.

Paul Matsudaira 24 March 2015

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