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One gene, two sides of butterfly's wings

Associate Professor Antonia Monteiro and PhD student Anupama Prakash identify gene that affects patterns on top and bottom wing surfaces | Straits Times, Jun 7 2018



7 Jun 2018

Mushroom growing takes root as urban farmers cultivate edible fungi

Mushrooms are the spore-bearing, fruiting bodies of fungi. Dr Amy Choong says there are probably thousands of fungi species in Singapore which play an important role as decomposers in the ecosystem. | Straits Times - published 23 Jun 2018

23 Jun 2018

Emeritus Professor Hew Choy Leong was presented with two distinguished awards for his lifelong contributions towards Life Sciences

The 2 awards are Outstanding Contribution Award, and Special Contribution Award, and were presented on 30 June 2018 by Xiamen University, School of Life Sciences in recognition of his assistance to their University.


3 July 2018

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Hannah Smith
Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh, UK

13 July 2018 | Details

Ruth Thurstan
Exeter University in the UK

16 July 2018 | Details

Thorsten Nürnberger
University of Tübingen, Center of Plant Molecular Biology; Department of Plant Biochemistry, Germany

17 July 2018 | Details

Georjana Barnes
UC Berkerley, USA

19 July 2018 | Details

Ryan Chisholm
Department of Biological Sciences, NUS

20 July 2018 | Details


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Global Science Summer Programme in Data Analytics and Forensic Science

16 July - 27 July 2018 | Website

DBS International Residential Summer Course

16 July - 3 Aug 2018 | Website

Workshop on Zebrafish and Medaka Models for Human Diseases

10 - 14 December 2018 | Website