posted 26 Nov 2012

Discovery of unique bamboo-breeding frog

The study, conducted by PhD student Seshadri K S and Assistant Professor David Bickford from the NUS Department of Biological Sciences, found that the white spotted bush frog (Raorchestes chalazodes) is currently only one of two species known to adopt this intriguing
reproductive strategy...

NUS Knowledge Enterprise 16 Dec 2014

posted 26 Nov 2012

A new species of bird from Sulawesi in Indonesia in honor of the late Prof Navjot Sodhi

Asst Prof Frank Rheindt from the Dept of Biological Sciences is one of the authors of a paper describing a new species of bird from Sulawesi in Indonesia. The bird has been named Muscicapa sodhii, in honour of the late conservation biologist Professor Navjot Sodhi from NUS

5 Dec 2014

posted 26 Nov 2012

How Animals Hacked The Rainbow And Got Stumped On Blue

A/P Antonia Monteiro was mentioned in an article by NPR (National Public Radio), USA.

"....Everywhere you look, organisms have been inventing different solutions to creating the same color," says Antonia Monteiro, who studies butterfly wings in Singapore."

NPR Science Desk 12 Nov 2014

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