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NUS study yields valuable insights on underreporting in international wildlife trade

Mr William Symes, a PhD student with Dr Roman Carrasco, led a study which established several key trends in wildlife trade following an in-depth study on international wildlife trade data. The findings shed light on the market forces driving the movement of wildlife products around the globe, and indicate our understanding of illegal and legal wildlife trade is biased towards certain species and regions of the globe.

Online 11 Feb 2018

Father frogs stand guard over eggs for two months

K. S. Seshadri, a PhD student with Dr Frank Rheindt,  have discovered another devoted frog father - one which spends close to two months egg-sitting his charges, rarely leaving the bamboo hollows where the eggs are hidden.

Online 8 Feb 2018

Using insect army to fight food waste

Black soldier flies are bred to eat discarded food, their larvae turning waste into plant fertiliser.  This is a project supported by Temasek Foundation Ecosperity, led by Professor Rudolf Meier and Dr Nalini Puiamoorthy, to tackle the food wastage problem that is facing Singapore.  To read more, please see link to covers by Straits Times, Temasek Review and Video


16 March 2018

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