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The NUS Early Career Award went to Dr Lau On Sun

Dr Lau On Sun's project titled "Towards optimizing carbon and water usage in plants: Deciphering the developmental plasticity of stomata" was awarded the NUS Early Career Research Award (NUS ECRA) by the Office of the Deputy President, Research & Technology (ODPRT), NUS. Congratulations!

7 Sept 2017

NUS’ glowing fish goes placesn

Almost 20 years after NUS Biological Sciences Professor Gong Zhiyuan first inserted a fluorescent jellyfish gene into zebrafish, the technology behind the iridescent fish is going places, most recently culminating in the sale of the US company behind GloFish, the first transgenic pet fish, for a reported US$50 million.

22 Sept 2017

NUS scientists combine antimalarial drug with light sensitive molecules for promising treatment of cancer

A team led by Dr Lin Qingsong from DBS, together with Dr Wang Jigang and Professor Shen Han-Ming from the Department of Physiology, recently discovered that a combination of artemisinin and ALA could kill colorectal cancer cells and suppress tumour growth more effectively than administering artemisinin alone. The story was picked up by Straits Times and many other media.


18 Sep 2017

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