Aquatic Invasive Alien Species in Southeast Asia (AIASSEA) Symposium

National University of Singapore, Singapore        26–27 July 2017



Singapore experiences a tropical climate all-year with uniform temperature, high humidity and abundant rainfall. The typical temperature ranges from 25–32 degrees celsius. The Southwest Monsoon season lasts from June to September which is characterised with showers and thunderstorms between pre-dawn and mid-day.



Drinking water


Singapore's tap water is held to very high standards and it is considered safe to drink directly from the taps. There are numerous water refill points located within the university as well.





The Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act administered by NEA is part of the national effort to promote a smoke-free lifestyle in Singapore. To find out more about places where smoking is generally allowed, please refer to the NEA website here.


Please do note that National University of Singapore is a smoke-free campus, and, as such, prohibits smoking in and outside of all its facilities.



Power plug and output


Singapore uses the type G power plugs with three square prongs. The standard electrical current is rated 220–240 volts AC (50 cycles).





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