At the 17th Biology Society Graduate Congress (BSGC) in Bangkok, 2012, the three partner universities i.e. Chulalongkorn University (CU), University of Malaya (UM) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) agreed to establish an ASEAN Universities Network in Biology to promote closer interaction and exchange of biologists in ASEAN. Besides the annual graduate congress, it was suggested that we should organise regular seminars and workshops on selected topics to better integrate the different research activities among our ten ASEAN countries.

The first ASEAN workshop in Agri-Biotechnology was held in October 2013 at NUS. Speakers from CU, UM, Maejo University, Vietnam National University, Hanoi University of Agriculture, and NUS presented their works on plant growth regulation and crop improvement technologies. It was a success.

Later in June 2014, we had the second ASEAN workshop in Agri-Biotechnology and the 1st CU-NUS Joint Seminar in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at CU.

In December 2014, we organized the ASEAN Workshop on Host-Pathogen Interaction, focusing on the relationship of pathogens to human health, covering many different aspects of host-pathogen interactions, from pathogenic mechanisms, host immune responses, structure and function of bacterial proteins to bio-imaging of the pathogen. In addition to our partner Universities from the previous workshops, we had speakers from other ASEAN universities. These included Mahidol University, University of Science Malaysia, the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Hanoi, University of Philippines, Diliman and the Louisiana State University. We were also grateful to have colleagues from University of Yangon, Myanmar in this workshop.

Hew Choy Leong
Emeritus Professor

The first ASEAN workshop in Agri-Biotechnology | October 2013