The Protein & Proteomics Centre (PPC) Seminar

The Protein & Proteomics Centre (PPC) seminar

29 August 2017

The Protein & Proteomics Centre (PPC) seminar was held on 29/8/2017 from 9am to 2pm at DBS Conference Room 1. The seminar was well received by our department staff, graduate students and others. Prof Yu Hao, HoD (DBS) gave the opening address to the 70 participants. The talks given by Assoc. Prof Ganesh Anand, Dr Lin Qingsong and Mr Stephen Er from Beckman Coulter were interesting and engaging. This PPC seminar has provided a great opportunity for the graduate students and faculty staff to interact and exchange their scientific views. We wish to express our appreciation to the Department of Biological Sciences and Beckman Coulter for making this event possible.