Activities available

If you are interested in any of the following Activities, please contact us for more information. 

Target Audience: Upper Secondary and JC levels


  1. Conservation Genomics
    Speaker: Assist/P Frank Rheindt | Synopsis
    Availability: on request

  2. What do you know about plant viruses?
    Speaker: Professor Wong Sek Man
    Availability: Jan - Apr 2018 | Synopsis

  3. Insect diversity in Singapore: discovery of bee pollinators and other flower-visitors, from rooftops to offshore islands
    Speaker: Assist/P John S Ascher
    Availability: Mar- Apr 2018 | Synopsis

  4. Stem cells and its potential
    Speaker: Assist/P Loh Yuin Han
    Availability: July 2018 | Synopsis

  5. How can maths be used to understand nature?
    Speaker: Assist/P Ryan Chisholm
    Availability: Nov 2018 | Synopsis


  1. Field trip to a forested environment
    Conducted by Dr Amy Choong and Dr Ng Ngan Kee
    Availability: June 2018 | Synopsis

  2. Biodiversity / climate change workshop
    Conducted by Dr Amy Choong and Dr Ng Ngan Kee
    Availability: Late May/June 2018 | Synopis

  3. Frontiers in Biology Series for Teachers
    11 April 2018 | Website

  4. Two Day Teachers' Workshop in Biology
    30 - 31 May 2018 | Website

  5. DBS International Residential Summer Course
    July - August | Website


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