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Best Graduate Researcher Award 2017

Mr Lim Xin Xiang, supervised by A/P Ganesh Anand has won the Best Graduate Researcher Award in the Department of Biological Sciences for 2017. This award is a fitting recognition of Xin Xiang's outstanding research on "Dynamics of Dengue Virus Uncoating and Antibody Binding". Congratulations, Xin Xiang! 

5 July 2017

Paper in CELL - opportunities to engineer cold tolerance in plants to enhance crop growth and improve yield

A team of plant biologists led by Dr Xu Jian found that some plants may selectively kill part of their roots to survive under cold weather conditions. This approach allows the plants to withstand chilling stress and to recover faster when the weather turns better. The first author of the paper, Dr Hong Jin Han, a Research Fellow at Duke-NUS, carried out the research as part of her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr Xu.

23 Jun 2017

Flashy wing colours for protection

NUS evolutionary biologists led by A/P Antonia Monteiro have shown experimentally that red and yellow colours protect painted jezebel butterflies from predation.


30 Jun 2017

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Kar Muthumani
Laboratory of Vector Borne Diseases – Vaccine Cetre, The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, USA

18 July 2017 | Details

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