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New study reveals the evolution of a mechanism for changing the size of spots in some butterflies

A butterfly species evolved the ability to change its wing eyespot size in response to seasonal variations in its natural habitat and the evolution of this mechanism is revealed via a broad comparative study by Shivam Bhardwaj, a postdoctoral fellow at A/P Antonia Monteiro's lab. | PRESS RELEASE

11 February 2020

Indian cobra genome sequenced and venom genes decoded

Professor R. Manjunatha Kini from NUS Biological Sciences, along with a team of international collaborators from academia and industry, have reported the sequencing and assembly of a high-quality genome of one of these ‘big four’ — the Indian cobra (Naja naja). These results were published in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics on 6 Jan 2019. |  LINK

7 January 2020

Renowned Singaporean conservation scientist to join NUS

Professor Koh Lian Pin, an award-winning conservation scientist, will join NUS Biological Sciences to start a new research centre to develop nature-based solutions to inform climate policies, strategies and actions.. | LINK


20 March 2020

A/P Frank Rheint led a team and discovered 10 new bird taxa in little-explored islands of Wallacea

The results of the study, which were published in the journal Science on 9 January 2020, provide evidence that our understanding of species diversity of complex areas such as Wallacea remains incomplete even for relatively well-known groups such as birds. The findings also suggest that modern exploration to find undescribed species diversity can be targeted to areas of high promise. Link

10 Jan 2020

NUS e-Open House 2020 - Life Sciences: A Versatile Major for Experiential Learning

The talk will show the programme’s versatility, where you can broaden your learning experiences through overseas exchanges, overseas concurrent/joint degree programmes, undergraduate research and internships.   | Video LINK

9 March 2020

Over 60 per cent of Myanmar’s mangroves deforested in the last 20 years

3 March 2020

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