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New study reveals the evolution of a mechanism for changing the size of spots in some butterflies

A butterfly species evolved the ability to change its wing eyespot size in response to seasonal variations in its natural habitat and the evolution of this mechanism is revealed via a broad comparative study by Shivam Bhardwaj, a postdoctoral fellow at A/P Antonia Monteiro's lab. | PRESS RELEASE

11 February 2020

PhD student receives award from the Society for the Study of Evolution for research on butterfly wing scales

Ms Seah Kwi Shan, a final-year PhD candidate mentored by Assistant Professor Vinod Kumar Saranathan, researched into the ‘Comparative Development of Biophotonic Nanostructures in Butterfly Wing Scales’ and was the only project outside of North America selected for the Society for the Study of Evolution’s Rosemary Grant Advanced Award, a research grant for PhD students in the later stages of their candidature. |  LINK

9 June 2020

Renowned Singaporean conservation scientist to join NUS

Professor Koh Lian Pin, an award-winning conservation scientist, will join NUS Biological Sciences to start a new research centre to develop nature-based solutions to inform climate policies, strategies and actions.. | LINK


20 March 2020

A/P Frank Rheint led a team and discovered 10 new bird taxa in little-explored islands of Wallacea

The results of the study, which were published in the journal Science on 9 January 2020, provide evidence that our understanding of species diversity of complex areas such as Wallacea remains incomplete even for relatively well-known groups such as birds. The findings also suggest that modern exploration to find undescribed species diversity can be targeted to areas of high promise. Link

10 Jan 2020

NUS e-Open House 2020 - Life Sciences: A Versatile Major for Experiential Learning

The talk will show the programme’s versatility, where you can broaden your learning experiences through overseas exchanges, overseas concurrent/joint degree programmes, undergraduate research and internships.   | Video LINK

9 March 2020

Over 60 per cent of Myanmar’s mangroves deforested in the last 20 years

3 March 2020

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