Regular Lab Duty

Confocal FV300 Ricci Fan
Confocal FV1200 / General Equipment Sarala Neomi Tantirimudalige
TIRF 1 Anjali Gupta
TIRF 2 Sapthaswaran Veerapathiran
SPIM Ng Xue Wen
Safety Issues / Chemical Waste Disposal Kamal Kant Sharma
Chemical Inventory Ng Xue Wen
MSDS / Laser license Tong Yan
Group Meeting Organization Jagadish Sankaran
Group Website and Computers Jagadish Sankaran
NUMI Sapthaswaran Veerapathiran, Sarala Neomi Tantirimudalige, Ng Xue Wen and Harikrushnan Balasubramanian
Tissue Culture Incubator/ Fridges/ Plasmids Inventory Sapthaswaran Veerapathiran and Sarala Neomi Tantirimudalige
Chemistry Department Procurement Harikrushnan Balasubramanian

Rotational CBIS Duty

The duties are

Autoclave biohazard wastes. Ensure tidines of autoclave room and door kept closed at all times
Flush emergency showers (once a month)
Flush 9 eye washes weekly (5 in main lab, 2 in autoclave room, 1 in HPLC room and 1 in cell culture room)
Ensure cleanliness of TWlab's instrument room
  • NUS
  • Biophysical Fluorescence Laboratory