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Kenny CHUA (PhD student) found that the loss of endemic fish results in the loss of functional richness, redundancy and vulnerability with in the freshwater ecoregions of Sundaland. This research has been published in Biological Conservation
Clare WILKINSON'S (Post-doctoral fellow) PhD research demonstrated the resilence of a common fish to drought across different land use in Environmental Research Letters
Joleen's (alumnus) undergraduate research has contributed to part of a global review of the Freshwater fish Invasiveness Screening Kit (FISK). This research has been published in Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
Yiluan SONG (Former Research Assistant), Darren (PhD student), and Maxine (Post-doc Alumni) published experimental findings of which emergent macrophyte species could 1) suppress cyanboacteria dominance in Ecological Engineering and 2) influence phytoplankton communities in Fundamental and Applied Limnology


The Freshwater and Invasion Biology Laboratory (FIB Lab) was set up in 2010, where we have been conducting research on biodiversity and ecology of tropical Asian freshwater ecosystems. Within this central theme, we concentrate on three, often interlinked research areas:

  • Freshwater ecology and biodiversity
  • Aquatic biological invasions
  • Freshwater decapod crustaceans

Our work covers a wide range of freshwater ecosystems and taxa, and can involve collaborative work with local and international organisations, laboratories, researchers, and museum staff.

Current research projects

The lab is currently involved in a variety of freshwater biology-related research projects, including:

  • Macrophyte-algae alternate stable states and management
  • Effects of floating solar panels on riparian biodiversity in Singapore's reservoirs
  • Trophic interactions and biomanipulation of freshwater communities in Singapore's reservoirs
  • Alleopathic effects on phytoplankton blooms
  • Impacts of antropogenic land-use change on freshwater food webs
  • Ecosystem functioning of tropical streams
  • Next-generation freshwater biodiversity assessment using e-DNA
  • Autecology, ecological niche modelling, population genomics, native-alien competitive interactions, trait-based risk assessments, and invasion pathway mechanisms (i.e. introduction, spread, impacts) of alien species such as Pomacea canaliculata, Cherax quadricarinatus, and Clarias gariepinus

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