Marine Biology Laboratory,
Department of Biological Sciences,
Block S1, #02-05,
14 Science Drive 4,
Singapore 117543 (Click here to see map)

Telephone: (+65) 6516 6867

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Last update: 02/03/2011

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Welcome to the Marine Bio Lab, NUS!

Originally called the Reef Ecology Lab (initiated in 1986), the Marine Biology Laboratory was established in 2003 and its present name reflects a broader research scope. Coral reefs are still our main focus and we are fortunate to have study sites with high diversity and coral cover within Singapore's territorial waters. However, as there is still so much to learn about Indo-Pacific marine life, we are continually expanding our investigations to include more species, processes and systems.

Research areas:

  • Coral biology and reef ecology
  • Phenotypic plasticity
  • Benthic and intertidal ecology
  • Giant clam autecology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Marine chemical ecology
  • Crab communication and behaviour
  • Reef restoration
  • Taxonomic and distributional studies
  • Integrated coastal management