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Ganesh Anand's Lab is a Waters World Centre for Innovation in HDX-MS

Waters Centres of Innovation Program recognises analytical scientists facilitating breakthroughs in health and life science research, food safety, environmental protection, sports medicine and many other areas.

HDX-MS Setup

Synapt G2Si

Waters Synapt G2Si

The state-of-the-art Waters Synapt G2Si outfitted with Ion-mobility (IMS) and electron transfer dissociation (ETD) provides enhanced resolution enabling analysis of whole-virus and multiprotein complexes.

Synapt G1

Waters Synapt G1

This first generation system enabled integrated workflows for HDX-MS analysis for studying conformational dynamics of proteins. 


Protein and Proteomics Centre, DBS

PPC houses several state-of-the-art mass spectrometers for native, proteomics and structural mass spectrometry applications including our Synapt G2Si and G1 mass spectrometers.

PPC is also a part of SINGMASS, a joint initiative between NUS and A-STAR to offer an exhaustive range of mass spectrometry services.

Read more about PPC at:

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