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Selected publications:


  • Kao C, Chandna R, Ghode A, Dsouza C, Chen M, Larsson A, Lim SH, Wang M, Cao Z, Zhu Y, Anand GS. Proapoptotic Cyclic Peptide BC71 Targets Cell-Surface GRP78 and Functions as an Anticancer Therapeutic in Mice. EBioMedicine. 2018 Jun. [PUBMED]
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  • Krishnamurthy S, Veesler D, Khayat R, Snijder J, Huang R, Heck AJ, Johnson J, Anand GS. Distinguishing direct binding interactions from allosteric effects in the protease–HK97 prohead I δ domain complex by amide H/D exchange mass spectrometry. Bacteriophage. 2014 Dec 15;4(4):e959816. [PUBMED]
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  • Wang LC, Morgan LK, Godakumbura P, Kenney LJ, Anand GS. The inner membrane histidine kinase EnvZ senses osmolality via helix‐coil transitions in the cytoplasm. The EMBO Journal. 2012 May 30;31(11):2648-59. [PUBMED]
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  • Badireddy S, Yunfeng G, Ritchie M, Akamine P, Wu J, Kim CW, Taylor SS, Qingsong L, Swaminathan K, Anand GS. Cyclic AMP analog blocks kinase activation by stabilizing inactive conformation: conformational selection highlights a new concept in allosteric inhibitor design. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2011 Mar 1;10(3):M110-004390. [PUBMED]
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