Edward Webb
Assistant Professor
Email: ted (dot) webb (at) nus (dot) edu (dot) sg
Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Miami
B.A. in Biology from Occidental College
My scientific interests are broad but focus on the themes of ecology, conservation and
management of tropical forest plants. I use a number of research approaches to
investigate the structure and diversity of plant communities, and the impacts of human
use on forested systems. Since 1998 much of my research has been interdisciplinary in
nature, including both biological and social components. While maintaining an interest
in those questions, I have been turning my attention towards the dwindling mangrove
ecosystems of Singapore and SE Asia.
Selected publications [for a complete publication list click here]
Webb, E.L., and Shivakoti, G.P. (Eds.). 2008. Decentralization, forests and rural communities: policy outcomes in
South and Southeast Asia. Sage Press, India.
Webb, E.L., and Kabir, Md. E. 2009. Homegardening for tropical biodiversity conservation. Conservation Biology 
(early view, DOI: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2009.01267.x)
Sudtongkong, C., and Webb, E.L. 2008. Outcomes of state- vs. community-based mangrove management in
southern Thailand. Ecology and Society 13 (2): 27. [online] URL:
Dung, N.T. and Webb, E.L. 2008. Combining local knowledge and quantitative forest surveys to select indicator
species for forest monitoring in Nam Dong district, central Vietnam. Ecological Indicators 8(5): 767-770.
Kabir, Md. E. and Webb, E.L. 2008. Can homegardens conserve biodiversity in Bangladesh? Biotropica 40(1): 95-
Thiha, Webb, E.L. and Honda, K. 2007. Biophysical and policy drivers of landscape change in a central Vietnamese
district. Environmental Conservation 34(2): 164-172.
Webb, E.L., Bult, M. van de, Chutipong, W., and Kabir, Md. E. 2006. Composition and structure of lowland rainforest
tree communities on Ta’u, American Samoa. Pacific Science 60(3): 333-354.
Dorji, L., Webb, E.L., and Shivakoti, G. 2003. Can a nationalized forest management system uphold local
institutions? A case of leaf litter forest (sokshing) management in Bhutan. Asian Studies Review 27(3): 341-
Webb, E.L., and Sah, R.N. 2003. Plant diversity in natural forest, successional forest, and Eucalyptus camaldulensis
plantations in the Terai region of Nepal. Forest Ecology and Management 176:337-353.
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