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PLoS Paper featured in New Scientist

New additions to the DBS Faculty
Congratulations to Matthew and David who join the ranks of the DBS Faculty

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>>> Biodiversity and Human Livelihoods in Protected Areas

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About the Lab

The Conservation Ecology Laboratory is primarily concerned with biological processes affecting the diversity, functioning and ecology of Southeast Asian forest fauna and their conservation. We work on various taxa, including amphibians, molluscs, bees, butterflies and birds. We conduct field studies in tropical rainforests throughout the region. Through our research, we aim to provide critical scientific data for the effective conservation of species and their natural habitats in Southeast Asia.

Research Areas

  • Effects of habitat disturbance and forest fragmentation on faunal communities
  • Hidden diversity in 'cryptic' Southeast Asian species
  • Key ecosystem functions and services provided by biodiversity
  • Biological correlates of extinction risk
  • Protected areas
  • Avian phenology, behaviour and habitat requirements
  • Management of invasive bird species

    Contact Information

    Department of Biological Sciences
    Faculty of Science
    #02-02 Block S2
    14 Science Drive 4,
    Singapore 117543

    Office Phone: (65) 6516 2715
    Department Fax: (65) 6779 2486



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