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Navjot Sodhi

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B.S. Hons Panjab University
Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan

Associate in Ornithology
Museum of Comparative Zoology,
Harvard University



Research Interests

My science encompasses descriptive as well as experimental approaches to single or multidisciplinary questions. I have worked in a wide range of habitats and landscapes, which has given me the breadth to ask broad-based questions. I am primarily interested in the conservation biology and management of the bird species. My research has been funded by the university and various governmental and private organizations.



Outstanding Researcher Award, National University of Singapore, 2004

Charles Bullard Fellowship, Harvard University, 2002


Editorial Board Memberships

Conservation Biology (Assigning Editor)
Biological Conservation (Editor, 2008-)
The Auk (Associate Editor)
Biotropica (Subject Editor)
Ornithological Science
Raffles Bulletin of Zoology (Associate Editor)
Ecological Research (Handling Editor, 2004-07)
Animal Conservation
Open Ornithology Journal


Selected Publications

Koh, L.P., Tan, H.T.W. and Sodhi, N.S. 2008. Biofuels: waste not want not. Science (2008) 320:1419

Warkentin, I.G. and Sodhi, N.S. Financing tropical forest preservation. Science (2008) 320:827.

Sodhi, N.S., Bickford, D., Diesmos, A.C., Lee, T.M., Koh, L.P., Brook, B.W., Sekercioglu, C.H., Bradshaw, C.J.A. 2008. Measuring the Meltdown: Drivers of Global Amphibian Extinction and Decline. PLoS ONE 3(2): e1636. (PDF)

Sodhi, N.S. 2008. Tropical biodiversity loss and people – a brief review. Basic and Applied Ecology 9:93–99

Tscharntke, T., C.H. Sekercioglu, T.V. Dietsch, N.S. Sodhi, P. Hoehn and J.M. Tylianakis. Landscape constraints on functional diversity of birds and insects in tropical agroecosystems. Ecology: revised.

Sodhi, N.S., L.P. Koh, K.S.-H. Peh, H.T.W. Tan, R.L. Chazdon, R.T. Corlett, T.M. Lee, R.K. Colwell, B.W. Brook, C.H. Sekercioglu and C.J.A. Bradshaw. Correlates of extinction proneness in tropical angiosperms. Diversity and Distributions 14(1):1-10.

Bradshaw, C.J.A., N.S. Sodhi, K.S.-H. Peh and B.W. Brook. 2007. Global evidence that deforestation amplifies flood risk and severity in the developing world. Global Change Biology 13:2379-2395.

Lee, T.M., N.S. Sodhi and D.M. Prawiradilaga. 2007. The importance of protected areas for the forest and endemic avifauna of Sulawesi (Indonesia). Ecological Applications 17:1727-1741.

Sodhi, N.S. , B.W. Brook and C.J.A. Bradshaw. 2007. Tropical Conservation Biology. Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK.

Sodhi, N.S. , G. Acciaioli, M. Erb and A.K.-J. Tan (Editors). 2007. Biodiversity and human Livelihoods in Protected areas: Case studies from the Malay Archipelago. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Yap, C.A.-M., N.S. Sodhi and K.S.-H. Peh. 2007. Phenology of tropical birds in Peninsular Malaysia: effects of selective logging and food resources. Auk 124:945-961.

Lohman, D.L., D. Bickford & N.S. Sodhi. 2007. The burning issue. Science 316:376. (Policy Forum)

Bickford, D., D.J. Lohman, N.S. Sodhi, P.K.L. Ng, R. Meier, K. Winker, K. Ingram and I. Das. 2007. Cryptic species as a new window on diversity and conservation. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 22:148-155.

Pandit , M.K., N.S. Sodhi, L.P. Koh, A. Bhaskar and B.W. Brook. 2007. Unreported yet massive deforestation driving loss of endemic biodiversity in Indian Himalaya. Biodiversity and Conservation 16:153-163.

Sodhi, N.S., T.M. Brooks, L.P. Koh, G. Acciaoli, M. Erb, A.K.-J. Tan, L.M. Curran, P. Brosius, T.M. Lee, J.M. Patlis, M. Gumal and R. J. Lee. 2006. Biodiversity and human livelihood crises in the Malay Archipelago. Conservation Biology 20:1811-1813.

Clements, R., N.S. Sodhi, M. Schilthuizen and P.K.L. Ng. 2006. Limestone krasts of Southeast Asia: inpreilled arks of biodiversity. BioScience 56:733-742. (Cover article)

Brook, B.W. and N.S. Sodhi. 2006. Conservation biology - rarity bites. Nature 440:555-557. (News and Views)

Sodhi , N.S. and B.W. Brook. 2006. Southeast Asian Biodiversity in Crisis. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Sodhi , N.S. and Sharp I. 2006. Winged Invaders: 'Pest' birds of the Asia-Pacific. SNP, Singapore.

Brook, B.W., C.J.A. Bradshaw, L.P. Koh and N.S. Sodhi. 2006. Momentum drives the crash: mass extinction in the tropics. Biotropica 38:302-305. (Invited paper)

Sodhi , N.S. , L.P. Koh B.W. Brook and P.K.L. Ng. 2004. Southeast Asian biodiversity: the impending disaster. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 19:654-660. (Cover article)

Sodhi, N.S., L.H. Liow and F.A. Bazzaz. 2004. Avian extinctions from tropical and subtropical forests. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 35:323-345.

Brook, B.W., N.S. Sodhi. and P.K.L. Ng. 2003. Catastrophic extinctions follow deforestation in Singapore. Nature 424:420-423.

Sodhi , N.S. and L.H. Liow. 2000. Improving conservation biology research in Southeast Asia. Conservation Biology 14:1211-1212



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