About The Lab



The Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Lab is led by Dr. David Bickford, an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Science Group (formerly known as the Biodiversity Group) at the Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore. The lab is multi-faceted with many projects, interests, and study topics, focusing on amphibian and reptile ecology, evolution, and conservation. Goals include describing, explaining, and protecting biodiversity with a focus on Southeast Asia.  We are a multi-national, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural lab with interests in behavior, evolution, systematics, biogeography, ecology, and conservation.  Check out the lab members on our People page.



Recent News

We begin 2011 after a series of exciting field sessions across SE Asia (Danum Valley, Mt. Kinabalu, Sakaraat, Thailand) and of course, closer to home here in Singapore as well.  After last year’s wonderful Christmas present (Science policy forum on CITES reform), we are in for another year full of high impact research.


We welcome our newest PhD student, Jiaqi (Jacky) Wang, from China.  He contributes a fresh perspective and different background to the lab. 


Sheila Poo passed her written Qualifying Examination and both Samuel Howard and Daniel Ng are confirmed PhD candidates, progressing on their projects.  Honours and UROPS students completed some excellent work on sticky frogs, tree frogs, tadpoles, pythons, and chytrid fungus in the animal trade in Singapore.  Our Postdoc, Jennifer Sheridan, is back after an intrepid 8 months of field work around the region and continues to keep us all fat and happy with baked goods.


In-between various field-trips, many of the lab members attended, and presented work at, the ATBC conference in Bali. Well done to all.


Congratulations to recent graduates: Anne Devan-Song will be matriculating into the Masters program at Hong Kong University under Dr. Nancy Karraker and Alicia Tan is starting a medical degree in Malaysia.