Alicia Tan Wei-Ping



I finished my Life Science degree and have begun my initial stages of an ecological career. I did a Level 2000 UROPS under Mr. Sivasothi in my 1st year, "The Anuran Fauna of Kent Ridge" and have a keen interest in this order of animals. Blog

My research with the Bickford lab focused on Polypedates leucomystax in Kent Ridge Park, a secondary forest site in Singapore.
The objective of the research is to study the assemblage and it's population demograhics and natural fluctuations in Kent Ridge Park over a period of 8-9 months (January to September) in the year 2009.

The common tree frog is a relatively abundant species, found in most places, even inhibiting urban built-up areas and has a distinctive "low nasal quack" call. I believe this species can tell us more about itself than we already know. Blog


Besides frogs and toads, I am interested in photography, anuran photography, if not, of humans. I also enjoy reading, travelling and cycling.