Christopher Puan Ziyang




I am a year 2 (as of 2010/2011) life sciences major specializing in biology and environmental biology. I am doing a UROPS (Undergraduate research) project in the frog ecology lab under Prof. Bickford. My research is chiefly on the effects of changes caused by global warming and environmental changes on the growth and development of frogs larvae. Specifically, I am studying the effects of different environment factors such as pH and temperature on the growth rates of the larvae of urban Anura in Singapore, specifically Asian Toad (Bufo melanostictus )as well as Field Frog (Ferjervarya limnocharis).

My chief fields of interest lie in the study of fish and aquatic vertebrates. I enjoy being out in the field, hence I sought to take up research that exposed me to field biology as well as the associated methods and techniques utilized.
I like running and am a casual aquarist as well, with about 8 years of experience in fishkeeping and have induced breeding in simpler species like Poecilia reticulata, Xiphophorus variatus sp., and Pterophylum scalare.

I hope to be able to carry out field studies on either herptiles or fish in the future.