Chui Ho Man



I joined the Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Lab in July 2009 to pursue my honours project. I graduated from NUS in July 2010 and am currently pursuing career options, including finding a job in a suitable field or continuing researches in areas related to my honours thesis.

For my honours project, I investigated the trade of reptiles and amphibians for food, pets and leather products, and the possible impacts on their wild populations. I decided to take on this project as these groups of animals are generally less well studied than the trade on other animals, such as mammals. However, the consequence of exploitation of reptiles and amphibians can be severe.

While there were limitations to the project, the general finding suggests that reptiles and amphibians are being traded in large quantities and might not be sustainable. In addition, since trade data concerning these groups of animals are difficult to obtain and are not always accurate or reliable, the process of gathering and compiling such trade data should be reviewed and improved on in the future.