Wang Jiaqi




I joined the EEC lab in August 2010, and I am broadly interested in population ecology, animal behavior, biogeography and conservation biology. In particular, I am interested in metapopulation biology and subpopulation persistence, population structure and growth, and the impacts of threat factors (like habitat loss, climate change and harvesting) on population dynamics and community structure of herps. I am hoping to conduct my research work in Southern China and further it into Indochina.


I have been involved in some surveys of wildlife trades in Guangzhou (China) before, which encourages me to focus on the conservation of herps. Amphibians are now among the most threaten animal groups in the world because of their sensitivity and vulnerability to environmental change. How to apply research results to conservation efforts is one of the most important topics I would keep my eyes on. I enjoy working with various organizations and persons, and working in different habitats.


Prior to the graduate, I got my undergraduate degree in Sun Yat-Sen University (Guangzhou, China).