Jamie Lim Jingmei  



I am currently working on a breeding habitat enrichment project for Nyctixalus pictus, which is a rare and endangered species of arboreal frog, in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore. My work includes conducting night surveys and running experiments that involve setting up different sized plastic containers placed at various heights above ground. This is to elucidate the preferred conditions for breeding habitat selection in Nyctixalus pictus and to see if these results can be extended on a broader scale to aid in their conservation. As a side project, I am also putting in similar set ups for another rare species of arboreal frog, Pelophryne signata, to gain more information on their breeding preference.  


I enjoy being in the outdoors and playing sports especially basketball. I am passionate about music and I can spend almost all of my free time playing the guitar. Eating and drinking are also one of my favorite pastimes and I feel that they go along best with good company.