Pei Hiang




My name is Pei Hiang and I completed my Honours under Doctor Bickford in the Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation lab.


For my final year thesis project, I worked on the global extinction of amphibian species, following the global survey of amphibian populations decline in 2004. We used a Geographic Information System (GIS) to better understand and analyze the magnitude of factors causing population decline of various species around the world. Such work would allow conservation work to be carried out in a more targeted and specific approach to suit the needs of different amphibian species. As such, conservation biology and environmental studies appeal greatly to me.


Aside from amphibian research, my other interests lie in plant biology and microbiology. Studies aside, I’m a fan of nature and I enjoy hiking and traveling to admire the scenes of nature around the world. There’s always something captivating about such beauty that I’ll never get enough of it!