Sam Howard





I am primarily a field ecologist with a broad range of interests, but i am mainly focused on community structural composition and changes across environmental gradients. I have worked with a large range of taxa but my main interests are in terrestrial amphibians and reptiles. I have been involved in base-line surveys of herpetofauna in undocumented regions to focused single-species conservation efforts on critically endangered taxa. I have also worked in a number of eco-regions; originally in Europe, then spending time in sub-Saharan Africa, Indonesia and Australia working on various conservation projects.


Stemming from much of the survey work I have been involved with, I have a keen interest in herpetofaunal systematics and especially the SE Asian region.


This summer, and for the next 10-14 months, I will be focusing on data collection towards my Phd dissertation. I will be examining poorly documented fossorial/terrestrial amphibian and reptile communities in Southeast Asia and addressing the conservation management implications for these guilds. I will also be examining how these guilds respond to various aspects of forest disturbance and fragmentation. During the course of my fieldwork I will be supervising a number of the Bickford lab's recently graduated students and introducing them to field herpetology and conservation.


I joined the EEC lab for many reasons, notably old colleagues recommendations of Dr. Bickford and the location of Singapore as a base to reach into all of SE Asia while retaining excellent infastructure.


Aside from chasing lizards up trees, down holes, into mosquito infested swamps etc..... I am a very keen natural history photographer (mainly lizards?!) and enjoy keeping fit, playing several sports (at an incredibly amateur level).




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Gonocephalus grandis seen perched in its natural habitat?