Sinlan Poo (Sheila)




I joined the Bickford Lab in Jan 2010, and am broadly interested in the reproductive ecology, parental care behavior, and larval development/plasticity/trade-offs of SE Asian frogs. In particular, I am interested in working with Rhacophorids across various sites in SE Asia, and extending my work further north to Taiwan (which is where I'm originally from) in the future.

During my undergraduate at Boston University, I worked on embryonic development and hatching plasticity of neotropical treefrogs (in particular, the red-eyed treefrog Agalychnis callidryas) in Panama, as well as local herps in Massachusetts, under the direction of  Dr. Karen Warkentin and Dr. Ivan Gomez-Mestre. After graduation, I worked as a field biologist at the Western Riverside Biological Monitoring Program doing surveys for threatened/endangered herps (as well as other taxa) in sunny, smoggy, Southern California for 2 years before starting my Ph.D program at NUS.