Teo Yea Tian






I have just finished my university studies, and am dividing my

time now between job-hunting, catching up with friends,

catching up with my hobbies, and preparing to publish several

scientific papers based on my Honours thesis.


I worked on enhancing the breeding habitat of Kalophrynus

pleurostigma (the black-spotted sticky frog) in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore for my Honours project from October 2009 to February 2010. I succeeded in encouraging the frogs to breed in my artificial enrichment structures, and am excited to see if my methods can be used on a large-scale to save the population of this and other vulnerable species. I hope to continue my involvement with the lab by continuing to work with this breeding enrichment, with the next cohort of Honours studentsI have recently found that I really enjoy guiding events related to conservation such as Envirofest after participating in it last year, and look forward to joining other such events in the future. I also enjoy exploring nature places in Singapore with like-minded friends and taking photos of the diverse wildlife you can find here.
Aside from my academic studies my hobbies include watching

Japanese animation and listening to Japanese radio-shows

and music. I am currently looking for job opportunities in or

related to Japan.

Photographs of K. pleurostigma in 'enrichment structure' (middle) and emerging K.p. metamorphs courtesy of Anne Devan-Song