Research Interests

My PhD research focuses on deforestation and forest fragmentation and their impacts on tropical biodiversity. Tropical forests hold up to 50% of the species found on earth, and are being rapidly replaced by fields of rice or soybeans and plantations of rubber or palm oil. In one study, I synthesized over 100 studies around the world to examine the impact of various forms of human disturbance on biodiversity. A key finding was that selectively logged forests sustained relatively high levels of biodiversity, whereas secondary forests were depleted of biodiversity (Gibson et al. Nature 2011). As deforestation spreads across the tropics, forests increasingly persist as small patches surrounded by inhospitable human-dominated landscapes. These fragments will be depleted of biodiversity over a certain relaxation period until equilibrium is reached. A key question I have examined is how rapidly species disappear from forest fragments. I resurveyed forest islands in Chiew Larn Reservoir in southern Thailand to measure the rate of species loss, and observed the near-complete extinction of native small mammals from fragments 56 hectares or smaller within 25 years. The presence of an invasive rat species probably accelerated species loss, and the presence of similar invasive species in human-modified landscapes suggests that forest fragments may be even more vulnerable to biodiversity loss than previously thought (Gibson et al. Science 2013). Combined, my findings suggest that - if we want to preserve the world's greatest bastion of biodiversity - we must reduce deforestation and fragmentation in intact forest expanses and rapidly restore forest connectivity in highly fragmented regions.


National University of Singapore
PhD, Biological Sciences, 2010-2014

University of California, San Diego
MS, Biological Sciences, 2007-2010

Princeton University
BA, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2001-2005


President's Graduate Fellowship, NUS, 2013
Best Graduate Research Award, NUS Department of Biological Sciences, 2012
Top Graduate Researcher Award, NUS Faculty of Science, 2012
Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA), 2010-2014
NSF East Asia & Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI), 2009
UC San Diego Jeanne Marie Messier Memorial Fund, 2009

Research Experience

Wildlife Technician, Institute for Wildlife Studies
San Clemente Island, California, February-July 2007
Field Assistant, Stony Brook University
Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand, June 2005-July 2006

Work Experience

Conservation Crew Leader, Student Conservation Association
Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, July-August 2008
Conservation Crew Leader, Student Conservation Association
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, July-August 2007
Wilderness Ranger, US Forest Service
Eldorado National Forest, California, May-September 2005
Wilderness Ranger, US Forest Service
Eldorado National Forest, California, May-September 2004


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