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Rohan Bendre





I am interested in mosquito-host interactions, especially at the skin interface. I want to study the earliest effects of mosquito salivary components on skin-resident cells when a blood-feeding mosquito injects its saliva subcutaneously.


Vaishnavi Sridhar




Structure-function relationship study of Mosquito salivary peptide and its analogs as ligands for Neurokinin receptors.


Ang Wei Fong




To investigate the Natriuretic Peptide Receptor A and its isoforms. Aim to understand how these isoforms affects the cGMP production levels and the mechanism of Natriuretic Peptide Receptor A activation.


Tanamas Siriphanitchakorn



Dengue viruses are transmitted between humans by Aedes mosquitoes. However, little is known how dengue viruses achieve their transmission from the mosquitoes. My project aims to identify the molecular determinants and elucidate the underlying mechanisms of viral transmissibility by the mosquitoes. By elucidating these mechanisms, I hope to better understand virus-mosquito interactions and contribute to the development of alternative strategies to control dengue.


Benjamin Wong



             Lab Alumni

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