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Narumi Shioi (Aoki), PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Fukuoka University







My research interests are functional biochemistry, bio-related chemistry, ecology/environment, and drug devlopment chemistry.




Aron Li Wei Liang





My research focuses on studying the anti-coagulative properties of novel peptides and their pharmacological effects in both human and animal models.


Lim Jia Min Jasmine




The project I am working on studies the structure-function relationship of novel anti-coagulation proteins targeting the blood coagulation cascade. The ultimate aim of this project is to develop a new generation of anti-thrombotic therapy with reduced bleeding risks. 


Ayaka Ogura




Search and design of peptide inhibitors from snake toxins.

Cédric Vallée





My study focuses on structural and functional studies of novel short chain α-neurotoxins.

Sabitha Thekkoot

Expression and characterization of snake venom neurotoxins.



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