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Research Areas

Protein chemistry, Structure-function relationships, Protein-protein interaction and Protein design and engineering.

Research Interests

The overall objective is to understand structure-function relationships of proteins, particularly snake venom toxins, and their mechanism. Snake venoms are rich sources of toxins that interfere with various physiological processes. We are specifically interested in protein families of phospholipase A2 (PLA) enzymes, serine proteinases, three-finger toxins and helveprins. The functional diversity despite the structural similarity and the presence of functional sites in different segments of the toxins makes our research interesting and challenging. The functional sites are used in designing proteins with novel biological activities and prototypes of therapeutic agents.


Research Accomplishments

Toxins from snake venoms

Toxins from other animals

Structure-function relationships of proteins (including non-toxins)

Mechanism of action

Protein folding

Protein design and engineering

Transcriptional control of protein expression

Evolution of proteins

New technologies

Other Research Interests

Proteins in biomineralization

Proteins in angiogenesis


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