The Proteins and Proteomics Centre (PPC) is a multi-user facility located in Block S2-Level 2 focused on advanced research in proteins with an emphasis on mass spectrometry. Areas of expertise include biomarker discovery, proteomics, quantitative proteomics, structural mass spectrometry (Amide Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange MS and Ion Mobility MS). PPC works closely with academic and industrial partners in biomedical research.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art  mass spectrometry services and expertise while expanding MS applications across the Life Sciences spanning biology, chemistry and pharmacy. We aim to build on our status as a Waters World Centre of Innovation in HDXMS to other protein MS areas through partnerships with individual researchers and industrial collaborations.

Our facility has four mass spectrometers -

LCMS-TripleTOF® 5600 System (ABSciex), MALDI MS - 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF™ Analyzer (ABSciex), Synapt G1 High Definition Mass Spectrometer ( HDMS, Waters), Synapt G2Si High Definition Mass Spectrometer (HDMS, Waters)

Mass Spectrometry


Each user must first register prior to accessing any equipment at PPC. Registration is free. Registration forms are available from the Centre. Please ask any one of our staff for a copy.  E-copies may be also requested by email from:


For the ONLINE FORM please click here.



Some of the equipment at PPC is available for the use for researchers only. These include various HPLC systems, Freeze-dryer and and spectrometers. For these, please bring along with you all necessary consumable items. Examples of items that you will bring with you are: solvents, LC columns, sample filters, and syringes for HPLC analysis. Items such as pipettes, pipette tips, test tubes for fraction collectors, plastic falcon tubes, and gloves are examples of disposable lab-wares that you should also bring with you. Some specialized items such as freeze-drying flasks are available for loan in limited numbers.

Contact Us


S2-Level 2, 14 Science Drive 4

Dept of Biological Sciences

National University of Singapore

Singapore 117543

Michelle Mok

Wang Xianhui

Xu Liyuan

+65 6516 4594 / +65 6516 2697

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