Principle Investigators

Ganesh Srinivasan Anand

Director, Protein and Proteomics Center

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences


Prof. Ganesh Anand heads the Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery Lab at DBS. Their expertise is in Amide Hydrogen-Deuterium exchange Mass-Spectrometry. They have recently added the Waters G2, a state of the art system for Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD), Ion-Mobility Mass-Spectrometry (IMS), HDx. His research is focused on conformational dynamics of proteins involved in cellular signalling, osmosensing, membrane signalling, viral maturation and fragment based-drug discovery.


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Lin Qingsong

Associate Director, Protein and Proteomics Center

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences


Prof. Lin Qingsong's lab at DBS works on Proteomics and mass spectrometry with applications on Cancer biomarker discovery and cancer biology. They use Mass spectrometry to understand Mechanisms of water desalination in mangrove plants and euryhaline fish, and biomimetics. Other interests include study of Green algae for biomonitoring and bioenergy production.


Chung Ching Ming, Maxey

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry


Prof. Maxey Chung lab's interest is in the application of proteomics in the study of human diseases, especially in the discovery of novel biomarkers for their early detection. To facilitate this work, they have established the Oncoproteomics Centre (OPC). The pipeline of proteomics platform technologies developed include 2-D DIGE, 2-D LC, cICAT, iTRAQ, SWATH-MS, MALDI-TOF/TOF MS, LC-ESI-MS/MS and bioinformatics.

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Mok Lim Sum, Michelle


Wang XianHui


Lim Teck Kwang


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