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    research assistant/research fellow (10 jul 2015)

    Postdoc research fellow (8 jul 2015)

    manager - finance & admin (7 jul 2015)

    specialist associate (10 jun 2015)

    Research Assistant or Research Fellow

    We are looking for enthusiastic candidates with experiences for Research Assistant or research fellow. Strong experiences with mammalian tissue culture, molecular biology and cloning, biochemistry and fluorescence microscopy are required. Expertise in in vitro reconstitution systems, model membranes, electron microscopy or image analysis are desirable. Other requirements: Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree preferred); 3+ years of lab experiences in molecular biology or cell biology.

    All positions include competitive salaries, commensurate with experience. Please send the application, including curriculum vitae, names and contacts of 3 references, to Dr. WU, Min at

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow (RF) position is available immediately.

    Research topic:      
    We are interested in studying innate immune response and immune-over-activation during chronic inflammation, which leads to pro-tumorigenesis. We aim to study cellular signalling at the interphase of cancer-immunology, with the ultimate goal of developing immunomodulation strategies and therapeutics against cancer.

    PhD in Immunology (innate immunity); experience in molecular cell biology, biochemistry and some bioinformatics, would be advantageous.

    Prof Ding Jeak Ling, Dept of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore
    (Tel: 65162776; Email:

    NUS Centre for BioImaging Sciences
    Manager – Finance & Administration
    You will assist the Director in managing and overseeing the general administration of the NUS Centre for BioImaging Sciences (CBIS), its budget, special accounts and research funds and provide financial advice and support to the Director and PIs in areas such as management reporting and financial analysis etc.

    Duties & Responsibilities

  • Act as the key financial officer for matters relating to centre’s budget, special accounts and research funding
  • Prepare financial data to assist in the centre’s financial forecasting and reporting, and ensure timely submission of financial reports on a monthly basis to the Director.
  • Review, analysis and monitoring of the operating, research and strategic budgets
  • Assist the centre’s researchers with budget preparation, revision and financial queries on both internal and external grants
  • Perform pre and post-grant administration functions such as overall project budgeting, maintaining proper and up-to-date project records and database, requests for grant variation from researchers, submission of annual reports etc
  • Monitor the centre’s budgets and ensure timely action to top-up accounts, project extensions, etc
  • Ensure that the processes and procedures on all financial matters of the centre are handled in accordance to the University’s guidelines
  • Process orders / payments for all MBI and CBIS related grants, NUMI purchases, CeLS Vivarium mice housing fees
  • Handle procurement matters which involve getting quotations from vendors and recommendation, completing the paperwork required for order requisition, tender.
  • Management of CBIS assets and inventories, asset reporting, tracking of assets, etc
  • Preparation of any reports required by University Administration.
  • Manage and oversee the team of admin staff in the centre and manpower resource allocation, recruitment.
  • Participate in projects and assignments as may be directed from time to time

  • Requirements:

  • Possess a degree, preferably in Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance or equivalent, awarded by a recognized university. Applicants with a degree in other disciplines can be considered if they have adequate and relevant working experience and are highly numerate.
  • Those with at least 2 years of relevant working experience would have an advantage. However, consideration will also be given to fresh graduates with a good academic track record in relevant finance-related or quantitative-based disciplines.
  • Familiar with SAP financial and GeBiz would be an advantage
  • High proficiency in MS applications especially Microsoft Excel
  • Good analytical, writing, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills with a high degree of stress tolerance
  • Meticulous, resourceful and innovative with a positive work attitude and responsive and adaptive to changes
  • An independent worker but also a good team player

  • Interested applicants to submit application package (CV, Educational Certificates and Job Application Form) to the attention of Assoc Professor Thorsten Wohland at

    Specialist Associate

    Job Purpose
    To perform as an Engine Driver on board NUS Research Vessel "Galaxea" and take charge in the operations and maintenance of the main engines, auxilliary engine and the machineries/ equipment on board the vessel.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    1)       Monitoring and carry out the planned maintenance schedule of the Main Engines, Auxiliary engine, transmission and jet propulsion system as recommended by the manufacturer requirement including simple Lub oil and filters change.
    2)         Carry out pre-sea checks on the Main Engines, Auxiliary engine, gear-box transmission system, jet propulsion system, including deck machinery (“A” Frame & winch hydraulic system).
    3)         Operate, test and maintain the marine electric system such as capstan & sea water pump
    4)         Checking and clearing of the sea chest before the starting of the main & auxiliary engine.
    5)         Checking of the fuel status and ensuring that is sufficient for the trip before proceeding to sea.
    6)         Carry out refuelling of diesel at the approved station.
    7)         Carry out ah-hoc repair on the machinery as and when the need arises.
    8)         To perform deck and other duties whilst at sea.
    9)         Ensure sufficient spares - like fuel & oil filters, and all necessary oil used on board.
    10)       Monitor the progress of repair done by termed contractor or other appointed contractors if the repair is being carried out by them.
    11)       Monitor the cleanliness and storage of the engine room and the removal of fire hazard material in the engine room.
    12)       Ensuring that the fire extinguishers are serviceable in the engine room
    13)       Ensure that the entrance of the hatch cover is not blocked at all times
    14)       Greasing of the jet drive shaft and U-joint as recommended by the manufacturer.
    15)       Ensuring that the non- essential power switches is switch off and all bilges pump is put to Auto mode before securing the boat.
    16)       As and when required to work exceeding normal working hours including on weekend and holiday.

    - GCE ‘O’ level with a NTC 3 in heavy duty diesel mechanic engineering
    - At least 2 to 3 years’ experience as a licenced engine driver
    - MPA Class 3 Engine Driver Certificate of Competency
    - MPA Port Limit Steersman Certificate of Competency

    Interested applicants to submit application package (CV, Educational Certificates and Job Application  Form) to the attention of Ms Lisa Lau at