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    reseach assistants (8 sept 2014)

    operations associate (2 sept 2014)

    research assistant (17 jul 2014)

    research assistant (20 jun 2014)

    assistant research officer (16 jun 2014)

    Research assistants (15 apr 2014)


    Two Research Assistant positions

    We are looking for two Research Assistants to join our lab. Candidate with BSc (Honors) or MSc degree and prior lab experience in molecular biology, cell biology or biochemistry is preferred. PhD candidate who has submitted his/her thesis and are in the transition stage for degree completion are welcome to apply.

    Project 1:  Development of a probe for tumor imaging and diagnosis.
    Project 2:  Development of a novel anticancer drug.

    Details of the project will be provided to shortlisted candidates during interview.

    Successful candidates can expect a competitive salary and benefit package.  Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV and full contacts of at least three referees to:

    Prof. Ruowen Ge, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 119260.

    For more information about our lab and research, please visit:
    Department of Biological Sciences faculty web:;
    Molecular Angiogenesis lab web:

    Operations Associate (part time, 21hrs/week).

    We are looking for an Operations Associate in the Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore. The job involves taking care of plants and butterflies. Corn plants need to be planted weekly in a greenhouse throughout the year. These are the food plants for the butterflies. The greenhouse has an automatic watering system. Daily help is also needed for feeding the corn plants to butterfly larvae in a nearby insectary. We are looking for a dependable person who pays attention to detail. Ability to communicate in English is also required.

    Contact person: A/P Antonia Monteiro (tel:  66012108)  or Mr Allan Tan (tel: 6516 5200)
    Email: or

    Research Assistant

    A research assistant position is available in A/Prof Low Boon Chuan’s lab at the Mechanobiology Institute, to examine regulation of Rho GTPases signaling in cancer cell metastasis. The candidate should possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and is expected to provide support in mammalian tissue culture, molecular cloning, western blots, immunofluorescence and live imaging microcopy. Prior experience in these areas will be an advantage.

    Interested individuals can submit their curriculum vitaes to

    Research Assistant

    Location: Mechanobiology Insitute, Singapore.  Level 9, T-Lab Building. NUS
    Lab website

    We are looking for a candidate with at least a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences or related areas.  Successful candidate will work closely with senior lab members in studying cell-matrix interactions by advanced imaging methods.  Expected tasks include performing mammalian cell culture, molecular cloning and PCR, immunoblotting, immunofluorescence and live cell microscopy. Prior experience in these areas will be an advantage. Good organization, written/oral communication, teamwork, and motivation are important. 

    To inquire, please send curriculum vitae and 3 references to:


    An Assistant Research Officer (ARO) position is immediately available at the Dr. YU Fengwei’s group in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore. The group is interested in studying the mechanisms controlling neural development and pruning using Drosophila melanogaster, an excellent model organism. The successful candidate is motivated and expected to provide assistance and support for a couple of interesting projects.

    The annual salary/stipend is very competitive commensurable to the educational qualifications and working experience of the candidates.

    Interested individuals may send your application that includes your CV and three recommendation letters to:
    Fengwei Yu, PhD
    Principal Investigator
    Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory
    1 Research Link
    National University of Singapore
    Singapore 117604

    Research Assistants

    We are looking for enthusiastic candidates with experiences for open positions as Research Assistants. Prior experiences with mammalian tissue culture, molecular biology (cloning) and microscopy are required. Other requirements: Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree preferred); 2+ years of lab experiences in molecular biology or cell biology.

    All positions include competitive salaries, commensurate with experience. Please send the application, including curriculum vitae, names and contacts of 2-3 references, to Dr. WU, Min at