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    microscopist (5 Jan 2015)

    project manager (22 dec 2014)

    assistant research officer (18 Nov 2014)

    research assistant (8 oct 2014)

    field assistant (29 sept 2014)

    Assistant research officer (11 sept 2014)

    reseach assistants (8 sept 2014)


    An opening is currently available for a full-time microscopist position at the Center of Bioimaging Science (CBIS), National University of Singapore.  The CBIS comprises a network of core imaging facilities for light and electron microscopy located in the Department of Biological Science. The confocal core facility is equipped with advanced imaging systems including wide-field, spinning disk, scanning confocal, and two multi-photon microscopes, a LEAP system, and live cell systems. It serves over 25 labs in the design of imaging experiments, choice of and training on suitable imaging systems, and subsequent image processing, visualization and analysis.

    We are seeking a scientist (BSc degree or higher) to be based in our Confocal core facility who is a service-oriented team player with excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills, willing to help researchers by understanding basic aspects of biological sample preparation for light microscopy and electron microscopy imaging projects. Light and/or electron microscopy experience from sample preparation to image acquisition and analysis would be a strong plus.

    Major Responsibilities:

  • provide technical services and maintenance duties for Confocal core facility, including routine imaging systems maintenance, user training, trouble-shooting, user account management for online booking, user license issues, confocal safety management, budgeting, facility report, etc.
  • assist in overseeing the safety issues for CBIS lab, which includes updating the chemical inventory, ensure the successful implementation of chemical and biosafety guidelines in CBIS on a day-to-day basis, maintain equipment in CBIS, etc.
  • be involved in research projects on sample preparation and post-acquisition imaging processing
  • be involved in LM workshops, for organization and sample preparation
  • be involved in CBIS optical education modules for graduates students, on sample preparation and as microscopy instructor
  • to be involved in LM and EM sample preparation and data analysis.

  • The salary given is commensurable to educational qualifications and working experience of the candidates. Interested individuals should send their applications (including a cover letter, CV, and names and contacts of three referees) to: 
    Wohland, Thorsten
    Biological Sciences
    National University of Singapore

    For more information about CBIS, please visit
    We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews. Closing date for application is 31 January 2015

    Project Manager

    We are looking for a Full-time Research Fellow, or a Research Associate with relevant experience, to work in the Freshwater and Invasion Biology Laboratory for a 24 month period. Candidate with a PhD or MSc and prior experience in freshwater ecology and biology is preferred.
    Under the direction of the principal investigators, primary tasks will include:

  • Field research in freshwater habitats involving fish, macroinvertebrate and plankton sampling
  • Laboratory based work involving sorting and processing of specimens and data collected during field work
  • Data analysis and technical reports/scientific paper writing
  • Project management including supervision of research assistants, liaising with relevant external agencies and collaborators, and project administration
  • Job requirement include:

  • Good organizational skills and excellent attention to detail is an essential component of this position 
  • This person must be self-motivated and also be able to work in a collaborative, team-oriented environment
  • Possess leadership qualities
  • Responsible and a fast learner
  • Physically fit for extended periods of field work
  • A valid Singapore Class 3 driving license is highly desirable
  • Some weekend flexibility may be required
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe applications
  • Good general knowledge of aquatic ecology and biodiversity
  • Background knowledge in quantitative assessment methods and use of statistical software (such as SAS, R, SPSS, Statistica or Primer)
  • This is a grant-funded position. Interested individuals may send your application that includes your CV and three recommendation letters with a cover letter to:

    Assistant Professor Darren Yeo Chong Jinn
    Department of Biological Sciences
    National University of Singapore,
    14, Science Drive 4, Singapore 117543
    For more information about our research, please visit

    We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews. Closing date for application is 25 January 2015.

    Research Assistant
    Work involves the clinical care of a wide variety of animals used in research programs. Work also involves assist small and large animals surgeries procedures and performance specimens collection, mainly, for hematology and serology exams  which require a considerable degree of accuracy and manual dexterity, and the maintenance and care of laboratory specimens and materials. Employees allocated to this class must work in close association and collaboration with other professional, scientific, and technical personnel. Work is performed with considerable independence within established methods and procedures under the general supervision of an administrative superior.

    Graduation from a recognized college or university with a major in biology or a closely related field and one year of related experience; or successful completion of a college level two year Laboratory Animal Technician program/or Veterinary Technician program, and two years of related experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.


        1. Makes daily rounds of all Laboratory Animal facilities; observes status of health of all animals, environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, and sanitation.
        2. Administers medicine and treatment according to prescribed instructions.
        3. Performs basic physical examination on animals; examines incoming animals to determine health status and whether or not they meet purchase request specifications.
        4. Anesthetizes and euthanatizes animals; assists veterinarian or physicians  with surgery and postmortem.
        5. Maintains clinic area and stock of pharmaceuticals.
        6. Performs field and laboratory research using animals, based upon protocol worked out by our group
        7. Operates, maintains, and cleans laboratory and research equipment; maintains laboratory and supplies, and prepares solutions and reagents.
        8. Collects specimens such as blood and urine.
        9. Observes and records vital data, abnormal signs, body weight, feed, and water intake.
        10. Conducts library searches, writes procedures and reports, and prepares charts and graphs.
        11. Maintains necessary clinical records for animals kept by the Laboratory Animal unit including animal use records
        12. Performs related work as required.
        14. Considerable knowledge of the care, breeding, and handling of a wide variety of animals.
        15. Considerable knowledge of the biology and physical characteristics of a wide variety of animals used in research and teaching.
        16. Considerable knowledge regarding the methods and materials used in animal laboratory work.
        17. Some knowledge of the day-to-day operation of the Laboratory Animal unit.
        18. Ability to recognize signs of illness or abnormality.
        19. Ability to make accurate observations.
        20. Ability to keep current, accurate, and complete records of animal and procedures
        21. Ability to observe and analyze the results of research experience.
        22. Ability to work with many professionals, paraprofessionals, caretakers, and students.
        23. Ability to be certified as a laboratory Animal Technician by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).


        Norrapat Shih (
        Mark Chan (

    Field assistant in mosquito vector and dengue research

    Field sites in Singapore, mostly Geylang and at DBS
    Duties include:  inspecting water bodies for mosquito larvae, assisting with laboratory experiments on adult mosquitoes
    Employer:  SMART-CENSAM, in conjunction with DBS
    Duration:  16 hours per week, 4 months

    Enquiries: A/P  Theodore Evans,

    A position for Assistant Research Officer (ARO) is available in Dr. Pek Jun Wei’s group starting November 2014. Individuals who are interested in studying the roles and biogenesis of long noncoding RNAs in Drosophila melanogaster are invited to apply.

    - BSc (Hons) (Life Sciences or related fields)
    - Highly motivated and willing to learn
    - Prior experience in bioinformatic analysis of deep sequencing data and/or molecular biology will be an advantage, but not necessary
    - Laboratory maintenance and purchasing
    - Assistance in projects

    The salary given is commensurable to educational qualifications and working experience of the candidates. Benefits include annual leave, medical leave and flexi-benefits etc.
    Interested individuals should send their applications (including a cover letter, CV, and names and contacts of three referees) to: 
    Dr. Pek Jun Wei
    Young Investigator
    Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory

    Two Research Assistant positions

    We are looking for two Research Assistants to join our lab. Candidate with BSc (Honors) or MSc degree and prior lab experience in molecular biology, cell biology or biochemistry is preferred. PhD candidate who has submitted his/her thesis and are in the transition stage for degree completion are welcome to apply.

    Project 1:  Development of a probe for tumor imaging and diagnosis.
    Project 2:  Development of a novel anticancer drug.

    Details of the project will be provided to shortlisted candidates during interview.

    Successful candidates can expect a competitive salary and benefit package.  Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV and full contacts of at least three referees to:

    Prof. Ruowen Ge, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 119260.

    For more information about our lab and research, please visit:
    Department of Biological Sciences faculty web:;
    Molecular Angiogenesis lab web:

    Research Assistant

    A research assistant position is available in A/Prof Low Boon Chuan’s lab at the Mechanobiology Institute, to examine regulation of Rho GTPases signaling in cancer cell metastasis. The candidate should possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and is expected to provide support in mammalian tissue culture, molecular cloning, western blots, immunofluorescence and live imaging microcopy. Prior experience in these areas will be an advantage.

    Interested individuals can submit their curriculum vitaes to