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    head of department (7 jul 2016)

    Full-time Research Assistant(28 Jun 2016)

    RF and RA (17 Jun 2016)

    positions in cryo-em (8 apr 2016)

    Research assistant in statistical optics for electron microscopy (7 mar 2016)


    Head of Department

    The Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore (NUS), invites applications or nominations for the position of Head of the Department.

    Candidates with an excellent research background in any field of biological sciences and a strong commitment to academic administration are invited to apply. The successful candidate must have a PhD degree, an international reputation in research and proven leadership skills. The Head will provide strong leadership and vision to promote further excellence in research and teaching in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Teaching experience in a formal setting would be advantageous.

    Established in 1905, NUS is a world-class university and the Department of Biological Sciences has strong research focus in many different aspects of biological sciences. The department provides a strong platform for multidisciplinary research, encompassing areas in biophysics, proteomics and structural biology, molecular biology, biodiversity research, evolutionary and environmental biology. 

    Successful applicants will provide academic leadership for a highly research-active group of over 60 tenure track faculty members and 15 teaching track lecturers as well as over 300 graduate students from 19 countries. The Department is committed to the achievement of academic excellence among its faculty, and has cutting edge facilities and research support.  The university offers internationally competitive salary packages in Singapore’s low tax environment, and female and minority candidates are encouraged to apply for the position.

    Interested, strong candidates may forward an application package including a letter describing their goals, research plans, teaching record, administrative experience and vision, curriculum vitae along with names and contact details of at least six referees. Please send the application package to:

    DBS Head Search Committee
    c/o Ms Cheong Pey Ling
    Faculty of Science Dean’s Office
    National University of Singapore
    Block S16 Level 9
    6 Science Drive 2
    Singapore 117546
    Fax: (65) 6777 4279 (Attn to Ms Cheong Pey Ling)
    Email: scicpl@nus.edu.sg

    Closing date of application:
     15 August 2016 (Search will continue until a suitable candidate is found.)

    Job: Full-time Research Assistant in Insect Diversity Lab (1-year, renewable; deadline 31 Jul 2016)

    The Insect Diversity Lab is in search of a full-time Research Assistant. We study global insect diversity with current focus on bees and related wasps of Southeast Asia. A key goal is to develop taxonomic infrastructure and to use this to advance research on insect urban ecology, behaviour, and conservation.
    Tasks required include, but are not limited to:

    1. Field sampling of bees/wasps using a sweep net
    2. Lab-based work such as:
    3. processing of collected specimens (pinning, labelling, curating, dissection for DNA)
    4. specimen databasing
    5. specimen imaging using an imaging system
    6. GIS and other mapping

    Additional abilities/experience in statistics and/or genomics is desirable, but absence of either is not a preclusion for consideration of hire. Written and verbal competency in the English language is a necessity. Prior experience in the field of entomology will help greatly but can be picked up on the job. The Research Assistant we hope for should be conscientious and adaptive, and enthusiastic about working with insects both alive and dead. The job requires attention to detail and ability to maintain focus when working independently.
    This position is for 1 year, with potential for renewal. Remuneration: SGD $3000/month (includes CPF contribution for Singaporeans/PR). Interested applicants should submit their CV, and a short write-up about how this job may contribute to the applicant’s long term goals. Please submit these to dbsajs@nus.edu.sg and dbscsx@nus.edu.sg. Short-listed applicants will be notified for an interview.

    Assistant Professor John Stoskopf Ascher
    Department of Biological Sciences
    National University of Singapore
    14, Science Drive 4, Singapore 117543
    Email: dbsajs@nus.edu.sg

    RF and RA required

    We are looking for the following researchers to join our lab to investigate novel angiogenesis inhibitors (proteins and peptides) and their mechanisms of action for disease therapeutics such as cancer. Candidates with a keen interest in scientific research and a curious mind are welcome to apply. Those with demonstration of strong experimental skills have advantages.

    1. Research fellow (RF, postdoctoral fellow):

    Candidate with PhD degree and prior research experience in molecular biology, cell biology or biochemistry is required. Prior experience in mouse tumor model is a plus.

    2. Research assistant (RA):

    Candidate with BSc (Honors) or MSc degree and prior lab experience in molecular biology, cell biology or biochemistry is preferred. PhD candidate who has submitted his/her thesis and are in the transition stage for degree completion are welcome to apply.

    Remuneration will be commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications and experience. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV and full contacts of at least three referees to:

    A/Prof. Ruowen Ge, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 119260. Email: dbsgerw@nus.edu.sg;

    For more information about our lab and research, please visit:
    Department of Biological Sciences faculty web: www.dbs.edu.nus.sg/Staff/ge.html;
    Molecular Angiogenesis lab web: http://staff.science.nus.edu.sg/~ruowenge/index.html.

    Positions in Cryo-EM - Assistant Professor

    The Department of Biological Sciences (DBS), National University of Singapore (NUS), invites applications for a tenure track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level in electron cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM). Candidates with an excellent publication record in cryo-EM research, including single-particle approaches and tomography, are encouraged to apply. The candidate is expected to develop a highly competitive research program and will have many opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in DBS.

    The position is based at the Centre for BioImaging Sciences (CBIS) in the Department of Biological Sciences. CBIS members have broad imaging expertise including crystallography, light microscopy, single-particle cryo-EM, electron tomography, AFM, and computational imaging (http://cbis.nus.edu.sg/). CBIS hosts a state-of-the-art EM facility containing T12, JEOL 2200FS, JEOL 2010, and Titan Krios cryoTEMs. All four cryo-EMs are equipped with direct-detection cameras that are capable of “movie-mode” data collection. Furthermore, the Titan Krios and JEOL 2200FS are both equipped with second-generation Volta-style phase plates. This advanced imaging facility is supported by dedicated microscopy and IT personnel. Image analysis and data handling are done on high-end computer clusters, which are actively being upgraded to handle even more challenging data.

    Successful applicants will join the Department of Biological Sciences with over 60 full-time faculty members having diverse research expertise and over 300 graduate students from 19 countries. Facilities and research support are world-class and the university (www.nus.edu.sg) and department are internationally highly regarded.

    The university offers internationally competitive salary packages in Singapore’s low tax environment. The Department is committed to the achievement of excellence and diversity among its faculty, and female and minority candidates are encouraged to apply for the position.

    Interested, strong candidates with PhD and postdoctoral experience should forward a letter of intent describing their career goals, research plans, teaching interests, curriculum vitae and provide the names for at least five academic referees. Please send the application materials to:

    Chair, Structural Biology Search Committee (c/o Ms. Lisa Lau)
    Department of Biological Sciences
    National University of Singapore
    14 Science Drive 4
    Singapore 117543
    Fax: (65) 6779 5671; Email: dbslaul@nus.edu.sg

    Closing date of application: 31 May 2016 (Search will continue until a suitable candidate is found)

    Research assistant in statistical optics for electron microscopy

    Fast electron detectors are rapidly changing electron microscopy. These detectors allow probabilistic imaging of very many noisy, incomplete, chance observations that are then statistically classified and interpreted. This mode of imaging has enabled unprecedented high resolution imaging of dynamical and heterogeneous systems. 

    The Centre for Bio-imaging Sciences at the National University of Singapore is one of the few places in the world that develops new algorithmic approaches in such probabilistic electron microscopy. We are looking for motivated, aspiring scientists who would like to join us in developing this emerging field of statistical electron microscopy. 

    Specific job description. Candidates must be willing to:

    1. learn/implement computer vision and statistical algorithms to electron microscopy;
    2. learn/implement machine learning algorithms (e.g. Naive Bayes, simple clustering, factor analyses, etc) for high resolution robust imaging;
    3. learn/implement highly parallelized programs (e.g. for GPGPUs, or the Intel MIC architecture);
    4. learn/implement numerical simulations of high-resolution imaging;
    5. collect and analyze large quantities of electron microscopy data.

    Terms of employment:
    This contract position, which will be renewed annually upon good performance, comes with a competitive salary and benefits package.

    Start date:
    Negotiable, but preferably May/Jun 2016. 

    Email the following to duaneloh@nus.edu.sg:

    1. Complete resume (including a full publication list, if applicable)  
    2. and three letters of recommendations for this position,
    3. any listing of a public code repository (e.g.  GitHub, bitbucket).

    Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

    Application Requirements:

    •        Strong Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in either Physics, Applied Math, Computer Science, and/or Electrical Engineering.
    •        Familiar with the Unix Programming Environment.
    •        Proficient in Scientific Computing (C/C++/Python preferred).
    •        Good organization skills.
    •        Email us one typo in this advertisement.
    •        Strong mathematical foundation: calculus, probability and statistics, and linear algebra. 
    •        Strong ability to communicate and write in English.
    •        Strong ability to learn and work independently and also in a team.  

    Advantageous to have:

    •       Strong foundation in Optics and Electromagnetism (at the level of Hecht and Griffiths respectively).
    •       Strong foundation in methods commonly used in Data Science and/or Computer Vison.
    •       Experienced in programming for GPGPUs or the Intel MIC architecture.
    •       Familiar with parallel programming frameworks (e.g. PThreads, OpenMP, MPI, OpenACC, OpenCL, etc..).
    •       Strong foundation in the statistical treatment of experimental data (at the level of J.R.Taylor).
    •       Familiar with the Numerical Recipes: the Art of Scientific Programming (Press, Teukolsky, Vetterling, Flannery).