Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity (EEB)

Much of the research within the biodiversity group has the ultimate aim of helping to conserve the biodiversity of Singapore and South East Asia through an understanding of the ecology of threatened species (selected plants and invertebrates such as fish, pangolins, mouse deer, hornbills) and communities.

South East Asia supports 15 to 25 per cent of total global biodiversity. It is also a region with accelerating habitat loss, massive over-exploitation of natural resources, and increasing threats from environmental degradation, pollution, and climate change.

Understanding the biodiversity of the region and contributing to its conservation and sustainable utilization is therefore a key focus of the research program in the department which has research collaborations from Madagascar to Hawaii and French Polynesia. The current research program is broad-based and can be divided into several major components. from Madagascar to Hawaii andFrench Polynesia.

The Biodiversity crew @ NUS