TAN Tiang Wah, Hugh  陈长华 (陳長華)

Associate Professor

Contact Information:

Department of Biological Science
National University of Singapore
14 Science Drive 4
Singapore 117543

6516 2717
6779 2486

Academics Qualifications

PhD NUS, BSc Hons Sing. BSc Sing.

Research Areas

Conservation Biology, Plant Systematics and Ecology, Urban Greenery and Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Tropical Horticulture, Urban Agriculture

Current Projects

  • The vegetation and ecology of Nee Soon Swamp Forest, Singapore as part of the major project, Nee Soon Swamp Forest biodiversity and hydrology baseline studies
  • Forest regeneration and alien plant invasions after massive wind-generated tree falls at Mandai, Singapore
  • Regeneration of tropical secondary vegetation in human-modified landscapes
  • Pre- and post-dispersal predation of dipterocarps in Singapore forests
  • The ecology of nepenthesin production
  • The effects of drought on the urban vascular plant epiphytes of Singapore
  • The ecology of Cecropia pachystachya: A potential invasive species of Singapore forests
  • Is there a correlation between socio-economic status and the provision of green spaces in urban Singapore?
  • Use of native Singapore plant species of local provenance for landscaping parks and gardens, and streetscapes
  • Trialing the Three Sisters Cultivation Method on Singapore rooftops
  • The feasibility of aquaponics on Singapore rooftops

Current and Selected Previous Projects

Selected Publications

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red data book cover-w250

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Hugh Tan’s 168 Selected Publications on Singapore Biodiversity