Song Jianxing

Associate Professor
(Joint appointment with Dept of Biochemistry)

Contact Information:
Department of Biological Science
National University of Singapore
14 Science Drive 4
Singapore 117543
Tel: 65161013
Fax: 67792486


    Multidisciplinary study of protein folding and protein misfolding-related diseases; Structure determination of functionally-important protein targets and characterization of protein-protein interactions by NMR spectroscopy;   NMR-based mimetics/drug design and discovery in the post-genomic era.


    Study of the dynamic mechanism underlying the gradual disruption of the tight side chain packing and protein misfolding-related diseases. Structural study and mimetic design for protein-protein interactions critical for neuronal development and regeneration. Inhibitor design targeting viral entry and replication. Catalytic and regulatory mechanism of disease-related proteases.

    REPRESENTATIVE PUBLICATIONS (*, corresponding author)

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