Outstanding Science Alumni Award 2014

BSc 1987
Managing Director/Principal Consultant, Greenology Pte Ltd

Mr Veerasekaran graduated from NUS in 1987 with a BSc Degree in Botany. Since his graduation, his green career route has taken him to many parts of the world including Pakistan, Morocco, Seychelles, Africa, Vietnam, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Immediately after graduation, Mr Veera worked at the oldest orchid garden, Mandai Orchid Garden, Singapore, before moving to Republic of Seychelles to work there. He came back to Singapore to landscape most of the ZOO and Night Safari as the Assistant Curator of Horticulture. A stint in two of the largest private sector landscape companies followed, for a period of 7 years. He then created the landscapes at Changi Airport as the Curator of Horticulture. He then joined the National Parks Board (NParks) as an Assistant Director.

He founded Greenology 6 years ago and has pursued his passion in Urban Greening. Greenology specializes in design and build Vertical Greening, Roof Greening, Rain Gardens and Bioswales. He has developed the Greenology Vertical Greenery (GVG), a Made in Singapore brand, sustainable vertical urban greening solution, that is extensively used in Singapore and is exported to other countries, including Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Japan, India and Malaysia. The GVG system is also the only Greenwall system in Singapore and probably the only fire-rated system in the world. He is currently developing Vertical Aquaponics and Vertical Urban Farming systems in small spaces to address food security issues in cities. Greenology has also developed its proprietary LED Plant Grow Lights for this purpose.

Greenology has been involved with the Yellow Ribbon project for a number of years, helping more than 15 inmates reintegrate into society. They also work with mental health institutions and dementia patients, helping them through horticulture therapy.

Mr Veera has also lectured for 4 terms in NUS at the Master’s degree course in Landscape Architecture Programme and lectures at the Institute of Engineers (IES) in PUB’s ABC Waterways Certification programme. He also does various consultancies for ZOOs, Eco parks, Night Safaris, Botanic Gardens and in Urban Agriculture.

“Difficulties and challenges in life don’t come to destroy you but to help you realise your hidden talents and potentials.”

In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, we honour Mr Veerasekaran with the 2014 Outstanding Science Alumnus Award.