CBIS Confocal: First Time Users

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Obtaining independent user status on CBIS equipment

Upon successful completion of the requirements below, researchers will be able to reserve instrument time via the PPMS Online Booking System and use CBIS’ Confocal instruments independently. CBIS reserves the right to revoke a user’s status for failure to follow the facility’s regulations, causing damage to the instruments and/or for failing to pay their fees on time.

Information for First Time Users


STEP 1: Schedule an appointment with CBIS Confocal facility staff for an initial assessment of your project. During the assessment, CBIS staff will provide guidance on suitable techniques, instruments and training necessary for the successful completion of the project. Staff will also help review the facility’s policies, safety regulations, training requirements and rates.

STEP 2: Apply for a user account on the PPMS Online Booking System, here. Upon approval of the account request, activate the PPMS account with account and email ID. 

STEP 3: Prepare the following documents (see Required Forms): Application Form, OSHE Online Laser Safety Training Certificate, Experiment Based Risk Assessment Form, and N3 License Application (if applicable).

STEP 4: Log into PPMS and navigate to the ‘Request’ tab to fill in the User Registration Form, upload completed documentation, and request training. Facility staff will then contact the user to schedule training.

STEP 5: Complete pre-training tutorials and prepare samples for use during training. 


PART I: DAY 1 (2 hours)
Facility staff will provide training on common protocols for image acquisition, data export and processing. New users will be provided with the opportunity to practice using their own samples under the supervision of facility staff.   

PART II: DAY 2 (1 hour)
The second day of training will reinforce previous training and provide the new user with the opportunity to complete an imaging experiment independently. Facility staff will then train on image optimisation. 


CBIS Confocal facility staff will issue a Post Training email to users with details for joining the Confocal User contact group. Upon validation users will be granted access to trained systems, including door access, and will be able to use PPMS to book confocal systems in advance.

Required Forms & Accounts


The CBIS Confocal Microscope Facility offers the use of its equipment at competitive rates. Find out more:

Information for First Time users
Policies and Fees


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