Protein Workshop for Pre-U Students

Protein Workshop for Pre-U Students

Organized by Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore.

Date:  2 June 2020 (Tue)
Duration/Time: One day/9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: Life Sciences Lab 1 (Block S1A Level 3), Department of Biological Sciences, NUS

Why attend the Protein workshop?

Proteins play important roles in biology, including the catalysis of various chemical reactions, transportation of nutrients to cells, and even providing structural support in the form of muscular tissue. The study of proteins is therefore needed to provide a complete understanding of how nature works.

The first step in any study involving proteins is to extract the molecules, and this will be part of what students in this protein workshop will learn.  After which, students will also learn how to quantitate and characterise the extracted proteins using spectrophotometry and separation techniques.  This workshop will provide students with an opportunity to translate their textbook learning into real-life experience in working with proteins.

 What is the content of the workshop?

The table below summarizes the sequence of events in the workshop.

What do students learn in the workshop?

Students will be taught theory and practical skills, guided by our own NUS professors, postgraduates and technical staff.

Some of the relevant skills taught are listed below:

  • Cell lysis techniques and protein extraction
  • Using a spectrophotometer to quantitate the concentration of extracted proteins
  • Performing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and analysing the different protein bands
  • To link theory or rationale with each step in the protocol, and use it to explain the results obtained
  • If the experiment goes awry, students can learn how to analyse their results and discover for themselves where they have gone wrong.  These are important and basic skills of troubleshooting.

How long will the workshop take?

A day.

Students would extract and quantitate proteins before lunch.  After lunch, they will run gel electrophoresis and analyse the results.

Who is eligible?

Pre-university students from local junior colleges or private schools.

When to register?

By 17 April 2020.  Send the completed REGISTRATION FORM to

Steven Tan (Mr)
Tel: +65-65162693


Workshop Fee:

$60/pax. Successful applicants will receive confirmation of their participation along with instructions on mode of payment by 30 April 2020.