Protein and Proteomics Centre


The Protein and Proteomics Centre (PPC) is a multi-user core facility located at Block S2-Level 2, focused on advanced research in proteins with an emphasis on mass spectrometry (MS). Our areas of expertise include biomarker discovery, proteomics, quantitative proteomics, and structural MS (Amide Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange MS and Ion Mobility MS). PPC works closely with academic and industrial partners in biomedical research.

PPC is also the leading unit and headquarters of SingMass, the Singapore Mass Spectrometry Centre. SingMass is a national platform for MS solutions, supported under the Shared Infrastructure Support grant from the National Research Foundation (NRF). Bringing together three established core MS facilities (PPC, NUS; SLING, NUS; FPL, A*STAR), SingMass aims to integrate complementary expertise and offer a one-point access for cutting edge MS and omics solutions to both academia and industry in Singapore and beyond.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art MS services and expertise while expanding MS applications across the Life Sciences spanning biology, chemistry and pharmacy. We aim to build on our status as the Waters World Centre of Innovation in HDXMS and the SCIEX Regional Centre of Distinction to other areas of mass spectrometry applications through partnerships with individual researchers and industrial collaborations.



  • In-gel protein identification
    Identification of proteins from gel bands/spots

  • Shotgun protein identification
    Identification of proteins in solution from complex protein mixtures (e.g. cell lysates, co-immunoprecipitation experiments)

  • Molecular weight determination
    Determining molecular weight of intact protein in solution

  • Post-translational modications
    Identify protein post-translation modifications (e.g. phosphorylation, ubiquitination, sumoylation, etc.)


  • Phosphoproteomics
    Proteome phosphorylation identification and analysis

  • Protein structure, dynamics and interaction
    Amide hydrogen/deuterium exchange MS (HDXMS)

  • Quantitative proteomics
    Unbiased comparative quantification of proteomes using label-based (iTRAQ) or label-free (SWATH) technologies

  • Targeted MS
    Relative/absolute quantification of target proteins/molecules using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM)













Synapt G2Si High Definition Mass Spectrometer (Waters) TripleTOF 5600 System (SCIEX)
TripleTOF 6600 System (SCIEX) QTRAP 6500 System (SCIEX)


Ganesh Srinivasan Anand
Director, Associate Professor

Structural MS

Qingsong Lin
Co-Director, Senior Research Fellow

Proteomics, phosphoproteomics, biomarker discovery

Xin Li
Senior Platform Manager

Alan Davis
IT Facility Manager

Qifeng Lin
MS Operations Scientist

Nikhil Kumar Tulsian
MS Applications Scientist

Lili Wang
MS Operations Scientist

Teck Kwang Lim
Senior Scientific Officer

Xianhui Wang
Senior Lab Technologist


Guidelines for budgeting*

Application/Service Price (SGD)
Sample preparation
(e.g. in-gel/solution digestion, clean-up, fractionation/enrichment kits)
$100 – 200 / sample
HPLC pre-fractionation $150 / day
Proteomics LC ESI-MS $100 – 150 / hour
Structural HDXMS $200 / hour
Molecular weight determination $200 / sample
Analytical ultracentrifuge – Sedimentary Velocity $120 / sample
Analytical ultracentrifuge – Sedimentary Equilibrium $200 / sample
Ultracentrifuge $30 / hour
Freeze-dryer $25 / bottle / day
Collaborative / customised analyses Upon discussion

*for academic users only 

Sample submission form (Proteomics)

Contact Us

Protein and Proteomics Centre
S2 – Level 2, 14 Science Drive 4
Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore
Singapore 117543

Tel: +65 6516 4594/ +65 6516 7754 (through Wang Xianhui / Lim Teck Kwang)

Email: dbsbox32@nus.edu.sg