Senior Lecturer

Contact Information:

Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore
14 Science Drive 4
Singapore 117543

6601 1271
6779 2486

Hosted by the Department of Biological Sciences, Dr. Joanna Coleman is a Lecturer for the new Bachelor of Environmental Studies programme. Dr. Coleman is a wildlife biologist, with a broad background in ecology, wildlife biology, environmental biology, ecotoxicology and conservation biology. Her research interests include:

(1) conservation of wildlife, particularly in urban environments,
(2) ecology and biology of bats and birds of prey,
(3) bottom-up (individual- and population-level) approach to urban ecology studies,
(4) behavioural and physiological consequences of urbanization on nocturnal animals.

Dr. Coleman’s area of specialization is urban wildlife ecology, and her research has mainly focused on birds of prey and bats. She has also conducted and/or assisted with ecological and conservation studies, including surveys, of bats, birds, small mammals and rattlesnakes, for federal agencies in Canada (Parks Canada, Alberta Parks) and the United States (U.S. Forest Service). She is looking forward to getting involved with studies of the bats of Southeast Asia.

Dr. Coleman is also deeply committed to education. She has taught university biology courses in Canada and Qatar, and has a great deal of experience educating schoolchildren and the public about life sciences in general, and about wildlife ecology and conservation in particular.