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Junior Principal Investigator (GIS)

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Research Areas

Regulation and function of RNA modifications and epitranscriptomic factors in human diseases

Epitranscriptomics is an ever-expanding research on how RNA modifications regulate almost all aspects of RNA metabolism. While more than 170 RNA epigenetic modifications are known to exist, few have been extensively characterized. This offers an enormous untapped potential for discovering novel RNA modification defects that can contribute to disease progression. Our lab focuses on characterizing these RNA modifications by developing novel high-throughput sequencing techniques to map out epitranscriptomes at single-base resolutions. Our overall goal is to elucidate how these RNA modifications regulate cellular functions and in turn, contribute to human diseases.

Selected Publication

  1. Goh YT, Koh CWQ, Sim DY, Roca X*, Goh WSS*. METTL4 catalyzes N6-methylation of adenosines in U2 snRNA to regulate pre-mRNA splicing (2020) Biorxiv.

  2. Koh CWQ, Goh YT, Goh WSS*. Atlas of quantitative single-base-resolution N6-methyl-adenine methylomes (2019) Nature Communications.

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  4. Goh WSS, Falciatori I, Tam OH, Burgess R, Meikar O, Kotaja N, Hammell M, Hannon GJ. piRNA-Directed Cleavage of Meiotic Transcripts Regulates Spermatogenesis (2015) Genes & Development.

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