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Ganesh Patil, PhD





I’m using protein chemistry approach to address questions of functional genomics from Genome sequencing readouts.

Understand the mystery of Vector-Pathogen-Host interactions in case of transmission of infectious disease.

Study therapeutically and diagnostically relevant recombinant proteins.

Cassandra Marie Modahl, PhD




I am a research fellow in the Kini lab using bioinformatics to integrate large transcriptomic and proteomic datasets, generated by next-gen sequencing technologies and mass spectrometry, to address questions involving genotype to phenotype regulation and organism adaptation on a molecular level. My primary focus is on predator-prey and vector-pathogen interactions, with my current work exploring venom evolution in snakes and arbovirus infection in mosquitoes.

Avisha Chowdhury, PhD




Mosquito borne diseases like dengue, zika and chikungunya pose a significant threat to global public health. Vector control stands out to be one of the crucial disease-mitigation measures. My research aims to understand the mosquito biology, and the vector-pathogen interaction and therefore, to formulate novel strategies to reduce disease-transmission.



Marcela Bucekova, PhD





Aedes aegypti (the Yellow fever mosquito) saliva contains mixture of secreted molecules that enhances viruses causing arboviral diseases like Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya. 

My research focuses on expressing and characterizing proteins over-expressed in female salivary glands of A. aegypti.

Chiranjit Dutta, PhD

NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI)






Engineering pore-forming foldamers to generate synthetic channels that regulate flow of water and ions across membranes (jointly with Prof Prakash Kumar’s lab).

Divya Gupta, PhD






To study protein structure and function relationship. Working on Dengue saliva proteins to understand arbovirus transmitted diseases.

Rajeev Kungur Brahma, PhD





My research focuses on structural and functional characterization of novel and interesting Three-Finger Toxins from snake venom.


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