Faculty of Science (FoS) E-Open House 2020

16 May 2020 |

FoS E-Open House 2020 was held on Saturday, 16th May 2020 and DBS participated with Talks and Live Chat sessions via Zoom, which were streamed live on the department’s Facebook. 

The e-event reached out to more than 250 participants who were interested in the Life Sciences Program and has received an offer for a place at FoS, allowing them an in-depth glimpse on what the program is about through informative Talks and Live Chat sessions. 

The DBS segment was hosted by Associate Prof Henry Mok, Deputy Head (Undergraduate Matter), who shared about Life Sciences@NUS and how Life Sciences contributes to the understanding of human interaction and its impact on the environment. 

Other DBS academic advisors and admin staff involved with the live chat and Q&A sessions were :

  • Assoc Professor Henry Mok Yu-Keung (Event Host)
  • Assoc Professor Anand Ganesh Srinivasan
  • Assoc Professor Darren Yeo Chong Jinn
  • Assoc Professor Roman Carrasco
  • Assoc Professor Low Boon Chuan
  • Assoc Professor Liou Yih-Cherng
  • Assoc Professor He Yingxin, Cynthia
  • Dr Choong Mei Fun, Amy
  • Dr Ng Ngan Kee
  • Mr Lim Miah Kyan
  • Mr Steven Tan