Jobs for Life Sciences Alumni

Jobs for Life Sciences Alumni

Postdoc positions are available at the Dr. Yu Fengwei’s group in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL), Singapore. TLL is a world-class research institute which undertakes the cutting-edge research in molecular biology and genetics utilizing a broad range of model organisms.

Dr Yu is a Senior Principal Investigator at TLL and was also the President of Society for Neuroscience Singapore Chapter (SfN Singapore, 2015-2018).

The Yu group is interested in understanding mechanisms of neuronal development, pruning and neuro-degenerative disease using a simple and powerful model organism, Drosophila. Dr Yu has published important papers in Cell, Nature Neuroscience, Neuron, Developmental Cell, PLOS Biology, Nature Cell Biology, EMBO J, Development and Journal of Neuroscience.

The project will be to explore the mechanisms of neuronal pruning or study mechanisms of important movement disorders in Drosophila and mammals.

The successful candidates are expected to be highly motivated and have strong curiosity in neuronal function and human disease modeling in Drosophila and mammals, to pursue an integrated approach involving genetic, molecular, cellular, behavior and electrophysiology tools.

The ideal candidate will have at least one first author publication and a strong background in cell/developmental biology and molecular biology. Prior experience in bioinformatics is preferred but not a prerequisite. Successful and motivated candidates wishing to switch from other fields will also be considered. Interested individuals may send your CV, publications, research summary and three recommendation letters to:

Yu, Fengwei, PhD
Senior Principal Investigator
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory
1 Research Link
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117604
Lab website:

Job Title
Assistant Manager for Research and Agronomy

Job Description:

  1. Knowledge on conducting vegetative growth measurement in the field. Able to learn fast and train local agronomist.
  2. Data analysis of various types of research works.
  3. Conduct audits on oil palm and rubber plantation at different immature & mature stages
  4. Working on fertiliser formulation and carrying out leaf sampling/soil sampling annually.
  5. Preferably able to drive


  1. Degree in Science
  2. Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel
  3. Effective oral and written management communication skills


Based in a place south Gabon called Lebamba, but will have to travel all over Gabon AND Africa.

The job will include working on oil palm, rubber and several other commodities and will include work on agronomy, genetics, plant physiology, pathology, as well as precision agri flying drones, satellite imaging, sensors, (monitoring elephants), some social engagement, learn french, biodiversity, pest management, etc. 

How to Apply

Send in CV to

TurtleTree Labs is the first biotech company in the world with the ability to create milk from all mammals. Using their proprietary cell-based methods, they will shape the future of not just how we get dairy milk but how humans will feed their infants.To maximise impact, the team will work with industry leaders to adopt their sustainable and safe methods to create milk. TurtleTree Labs is able to have a 98% reduction in carbon footprint and as a result will help to save the world by replacing dairy cows in the future.

Job description and application |LINK

Postgraduate Diploma in Education for Final Year (AY 2019/2020) undergraduates and alumni

The application window for teaching is currently open till 9 June 2020. | LINK

Careers in the National Parks Board | LINK

This position is within the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore. The staff member will be a teaching apprentice for the module LSM4255 Methods in Mathematical Biology. The staff member will help run tutorial sessions, and will grade students assignments and midterm exams.

Job description |LINK

Interested individuals should send their application letter and CV to

A/P Ryan Chisholm

This position is within the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore. The staff member will be a teaching apprentice for the modules, LSM3256 Tropical Horticulture and LSM3258 Comparative Botany. The staff member will help run laboratory practical sessions, field trip practical sessions, mentor for mini project continuous assessment exercises and evaluate the reports and invigilate tests. This staff member will also be responsible for the safety of the class during the field trip practical session.

Job description |LINK

Interested individuals should send their application letter and CV to

Dr Amy Choong

We are seeking a Research Assistant who is available from June 2020.

The research is focused on studying Parkinson’s disease (PD) using a fruitfly model. PD is a common neurodegenerative disease, which mainly manifest as a movement disorder. We have identified 18 genes that interact with alpha-synuclein, a key gene in PD. Some of the 18 genes were recently implicated as potential genetic factors influencing the risk of PD in human genome-wide association studies. The RA will be conducting experiments to investigate the mechanisms underlying the interactions between one of these genes and alpha-synuclein.


• BSc with Honours in Biological Sciences or related fields
• Completion of a Final Year Project based on experimental science (or any other substantial form of lab-based research project)
• Strong interest in a career in research
• Good organizational skill
• Ability to understand Mendelian genetics
• Experience with molecular biology, microscopy and/or tissue dissection

Interested individuals should send their application letter, tertiary education transcripts and CV with at least two references to

Dr KOH Tong-Wey
Principal Investigator Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory

For more information on our research, please see: