A Date with DBS! | Session 1

12 June 2020 | 

The Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) organised its very first Zoom farewell ceremony for Class 2020.  The event was hosted by Dr Zeehan Jaafar, Chair, Student Life@DBS & Staff Advisor, Life Science Society, and it took place on Friday, 12 June, from 10 am to 11.30 am.

Professor Yu Hao, DBS Head of Department, opened the session, followed by the first speaker Dr Reuben Clements Gopalasamy, Co-founder of the NGO Rimb –  an accomplished conservationist, responsible for the protection of large swaths of rainforests in Peninsular Malaysia. The next speaker was Mr Robin Tan, Managing Director of Resource Scientific International, who is an experienced leader in the field of specialised recruitment in Science and Technology. Mr Bernard Toh, Director of Office of Alumni Relations, delivered the closing remarks and shared his views on how graduating students could stay connected with alma mater.

The event was an astounding success and garnered positive feedback.

One of the attendees, Ms Steffie Toh, wrote to Dr Reuben “I have been asked countless times about why I chose to major in Life Science when other paths are perceived to grant more attractive prospects. Your sharing was thus a heartening reminder of my passion for biology, which in recent months has been less visible to myself, like many, I too have been issued the threat of instability. I will take your advice and breakthrough barriers, toughen up through uncertainties and self-actualise through this wonderful shared journey of science!”.

Another attendee, Mr Franciscus Asisi Atmadi, wrote to Mr Tan, “Thank you so much for the very practical and insightful sharing today! It is helpful to hear the job applicant selection process from the recruiter’s point of view. I definitely will apply your advice, in particular, about asking smarter questions during job interviews, which I always found challenging before.”

The e-session ended with a lucky draw.  The event reached 21 DBS staff and 59 from the graduating cohort.