Outstanding Science Alumni Award 2011
Syn Kiu-Choong Christopher
BSc (Hons) 1996, PhD 2001
Director, DNA Profiling Laboratory, Health Sciences Authority
Dr Christopher Syn Kiu-Choong graduated from the Department of Biological Sciences with a BSc Hons in Cell & Molecular Biology in 1996 and subsequently a PhD in 2001. A molecular biologist by training, he embarked on his forensic science career in 2001, and has since conducted over 6,000 examinations for the Singapore Police Force, Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore Armed Forces, hospitals, and other agencies. He has also served as a forensic consultant to the Brunei Darussalam Attorney General’s Chambers, Royal Brunei Police Force, the Embassy of the United States of America, as well as conducted forensic DNA and quality assurance systems training for scientists from Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Dr Syn was appointed Director of the DNA Profiling Laboratory at HSA in 2010. In that position, he has doubled his team to over 50 scientists and technical officers, and established a new off-site laboratory to cater to growing demands for the application of biological sciences in the criminal justice system.

Outside of HSA, Dr Syn holds the position of Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS, and was Honorary Associate with the Macquarie University, Australia (2006-9). He is a Chartered Biologist and serves as an editorial reviewer for the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. He is also a certified DNA Laboratory Auditor by FBI and the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board.

“Stay as close to the edge of science as you can without going over – it’s only at the edge that you can see things you can’t see from the centre.”

In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, we honour Dr Christopher Syn Kiu-Choong with the 2011 Outstanding Science Alumnus Award.