Science Alumni: Distinguished Alumni Award 2005

BSc (1953), BSc Hons (1954); MSc (1957)

Dean of Science, SU (1973-77), NUS (1980-81)
Foundation Director NIE (1991 – 94)
Member, Public Service Commission (1982 – 96)

Dr Lim graduated in 1954 with a Bachelor of Science (Honours). She went on to obtain her Diploma in Education in 1956 and her Master of Science from the University of Malaya in 1957. She later received her PhD from the University of London in 1961 and an Honorary DSc in 1999 from the University of Loughborough.

Dr Lim was Professor of Mycology in the Department of Botany, Head of Department and formerly Dean of Science in the University of Singapore. She was also Foundation Director of National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

Dr Lim has published about 140 papers and chapters in books on Mycology (Fungal Biology). She was on the editorial board of several international journals, e.g. viz. Mushroom Journal for the Topics, MIRCEN Journal of Applied Microbiology and Applied Biotechnology, International Journal of Tropical Plant Disease.

She was a member of Singapore Science Council, Singapore Science Centre Board, National Parks Board and also served on the Singapore Public Service Commission (1982-1996). She was awarded the Public Service Star (BBM, Bintang Bakti Masharakat) in 1993 in recognition of contributions to the Public Service Commission.

“Where there is an open mind
There will always be a frontier
Ideas are funny little things
They won’t work unless you do.”