Adjunct Assistant Professor

Contact Information:

Deputy Executive Director (Research)
Programme Director Human Infectious Diseases
Bioinformatics Institute (BII), A*STAR,
30 Biopolis Street, #07-01 Matrix, Singapore 138671

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6478 8377

Research Areas

Sequence analysis, Protein structure, Protein function, Phylogeny, Evolution, Mutation, Enzymes, Allergens, Virus

Research Interests

My research interest is in computational protein sequence and structure analysis to predict various aspects of molecular and cellular functions (enzymatic activities, posttranslational modifications, cleavage, translocation signals, 3D structures, effects of mutations, phylogenetic relationships, cellular pathways etc.) for discovering the molecular mechanisms of biological and clinical phenotypes and experimental validation together with collaborators. Our repertoire of computational analysis methods is applicable and useful in multiple research areas but our main focus currently is on infectious diseases, human mutations, allergy and enzyme function prediction.

Selected Publications

>140 publications, h-index 47

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