Adjunct Associate Professor

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Senior Principal Investigator
Temasek Life Sciences Lab,
1 Research Link,
NUS, Singapore 117604

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Research Areas

Aquaculture, oil palm, breeding, genetics and genomics

Research Interests

Development of genomic resources, and platform technologies for genetic improvement of economically important species Elucidating the genetic basis underlying commercially important traits through QTL mapping, genome wide association studies and functional analysis of genes Selective and molecular breeding programs for genetic improvement Analyses of genetic diversity in natural populations .

Selected Publications

  1. G Lin, NM Thevasagayam, ZY Wan, BQ Ye, GH Yue (2019): Transcriptome analysis identified genes for growth and omega-3/6 ratio in saline tilapia. Frontiers in Genetics 10, 244

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  16. Other publications can be found in Publons: https://publons.com/researcher/1363276/gen-hua-yue/

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