BSc (Hons) 2005
PhD 2010

Catherine completed both her undergraduate and graduate education in the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS. She started her earlier research life in 2004 as a FYP student with Prof Chew Fook Tim and then her PhD in 2005 under the supervision of Prof Low Boon Chuan. She later joined Prof Low as one of the pioneering batch of postdoctoral fellows at the Research Centre of Excellence in Mechanobiology (now as Mechanobiology Institute, MBI). In her 13 years of scientific career in biomedical research, she has won numerous international travel grant awards. In addition, she was awarded the Journal of Cell Science (The Company of Biologists) travelling fellowship to undergo training at Prof Anne Ridley’s laboratory in King’s College of London. In 2014, she was awarded the National Medical Research Council (NMRC) CBRG-NIG (Cooperative Basic Research Grant-New Investigator Grant) to pursue her independent research where she led a team of 2 research assistants and 1 post-doc, and generated several exciting work.  

From lab-based work, she has since moved on to a corporate role in A*STAR where she is involved in corporate planning and grant management under the division of Industry Development Group in A*STAR. She aspires to develop and transform our local enterprises and create job opportunities in Singapore in the biomedical sciences sector.

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