Professor Hew Choy Sin, Orchid Physiologist
Science Alumni: Outstanding Alumni Award 2005

BSc NU (1961)
Vice-Chairman, Tan Kah Kee Foundation
Singapore National Science Award (1997)

Prof Hew, a Professor of Plant Physiology in NUS, is a leading authority on Orchid Physiology and has published 3 books and more than 130 scientific papers. Prof Hew has served as a consultant to many regional and local floricultural companies and societies, and also has served in several government bodies including Institute of Education, NSTB and PSC. Prof Hew was also advisor to Guangzhou Scientific Technology Exchange Centre, China on horticultural production and is the Advisor and Visiting Professor to Research Centre for Chinese Orchids, South China Normal University. NSTB awarded Prof Hew that National Science Award in 1997, recognizing “his outstanding contribution in placing Singapore at the forefront of global orchid research”.

Prof Hew is the Vice Chairman of Tan Kah Kee Foundation, Adviser of the NUS – Tsinghua-Xiamen University Tri-lateral Research Program at DBS, NUS and Adjunct Professor of Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU.

“What is research? It is search and to search again. The key is to ask what to search, why to search, and how to search.”